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Are You Making These Tech Talent Sourcing Mistakes?

In an ideal world, you’d communicate a tech job opening and, immediately, the right candidate would apply. Unfortunately, the tech job market is far from ideal. In today’s competitive setting, the “post and pray” method just doesn’t cut it. If you want to hire the best developers, you have to seek them out. That’s where tech talent sourcing comes into the equation. First things first, what is talent sourcing? Talent[...]

3 Reasons Why Developers Are Leaving Your Company

Finding tech talent is a sticking point no company can avoid. Then, once a promising tech candidate is finally hired, another problem arises: how does a business promote teamwork and company culture? How does a business encourage personal growth? How does a business cultivate loyalty? In other words – how does a business make developers want to stay? The average employee changes jobs 12 times over his or her career.[...]

5 Time Management Tips for Busy Tech Recruiters

The tech market is seeing its biggest growth spurt since 2012. It’s no wonder that you, tech recruiters, are busier than ever. Burnt out? Maybe. Overstretched? Probably. Wishing you could magic up double the amount of hours in the day? Almost certainly. We’ve put together our top 5 time management tips for tech recruiters, in the hope that they can save you that bit of precious time. If you’re due[...]

Developer Retention: 6 Ways to Show Developers You Care

87% of employers say that improving retention is a critical priority for their organization. We get you! After struggling to find a talented developer – you don’t want to lose them to another company. Or worse, to a competitor (yes, it’s a risk – according to Stack Overflow, 62% of developers are open to new opportunities). So what should you pay attention to? How can you show your developers you[...]

How to Avoid Being Ghosted by Developers

Something spooky is going on in the tech recruiting world. In recruitment, “ghosting” is when a candidate, quite suddenly, disappears into thin air (like a ghost!). At some point in the recruitment process, they decide to end all communication for no apparent reason. They don’t call, they don’t email, they don’t text – they just evaporate. As the job market changes and the power balance shifts between candidates and recruiters,[...]

Technical Recruitment: Are Pen and Paper Tech Interviews Dead?

Interviews have been a standard, mostly mandatory, step in the recruitment process for forever – and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change. In tech recruitment, interviews still play an important part in hiring developers. The way candidates interview for a job has evolved over time. From “traditional” pen and paper interviews, to online hackathon challenges, to questions about hotdogs: what does the interview process look like today? Where[...]

The 10x Developer: Everything You Need to Know

Lots of questions float around the idea of the “10x developer”. What’s a 10x developer? Do they actually exist? What do they look like? Do I need one and how would I go about hiring one? What if I do find one? How can I make them want to stay with my company? Looking for answers? Here are our thoughts: What’s a 10x developer? There are a number of definitions[...]

5 Sales Techniques Every Technical Recruiter Should Master

Just like salespeople, technical recruiters attempt to convince potential candidates that their company has more to offer than any other. However, while sales teams are well prepared to seduce potential customers, know how to listen to them, understand their objections and work past them, Tech HR teams can quickly feel disarmed. Here are 5 sales techniques that every technical recruiter should master: 1. The 5 Whys Rule “Most people think[...]

Unleash Amsterdam 2018: The (CodinGame) Lowdown

Drumroll please. We will be at Unleash Amsterdam 2018! Hoorah! The big event is roughly a month away, so we’d like to give you the lowdown. What is Unleash all about? Unleash, formerly HR Tech World, made their debut as a start-up in 2011 and have since grown into the largest corporate network focused on the Future of Work and HR Technology. Their events bring all kinds of people and[...]