Engaging candidate experience

96% of candidates who start a CoderPad Screen test, finish it. Give digital-first candidates the exceptional experience they expect with tests that are up-to-date, relevant and enjoyable.

Game-based programming exercises

Tech screening doesn’t have to be tedious, stressful or boring. Show developers what an enjoyable coding test looks like.

  • Introduce candidates to our game-based coding exercises with visual rendering
  • Inspire developers to get in the zone at CodinGame.com, where they can solve puzzles and play games alongside our community of 3 million developers

Realistic development environment

CodinGame was created by developers, for developers. Invite candidates to take their test within a familiar development space.

  • Empower candidates to showcase their skills with our performant IDE, based on VS Code systems
  • Provide candidates with the tools they need and expect, such as test cases and real-time code execution
  • Guarantee candidates a smooth, bug-free experience—no setup required

Language-independent questions

There’s no need to make candidates feel like they’re “jumping through hoops”. Focus on skills and coding potential.

  • Include language-independent questions and allow candidates the freedom to choose whichever language they think best suited or are most proficient in
  • Test algorithmic and problem-solving skills, rather than syntax details

Pre and post test support for candidates

Communication and reassurance are key during the screening process. Make sure candidates get the information they need to succeed and/or learn.

  • Set developers up for success with a pre-test practice run (automatically generated based on your test settings)
  • Provide candidates with relevant, constructive performance feedback with our simplified test reports

Candidate-first test options

Today’s tech job market is highly competitive, the smallest details can make all the difference. Offer candidates a tailored, engaging assessment experience.

  • Take away potential language barriers and offer candidates different language options (English, French or Spanish)
  • Avoid candidate frustration and follow our automatic test duration recommendations (based on question complexity and expected responses)
  • Put candidates first with our take a break feature