Engage your team with fun tech challenges

4 million developers already know and love CoderPad challenges. Gather your best and brightest to show off their coding skills in a bit of friendly competition.

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Memorable events for stronger team and brand awareness

  • Create team building events your developers will love with challenging games like puzzles, clash of code, escape and more.
  • Bring your community (developers, candidates, students, external contributors) together around challenges and friendly competition.
  • Increase brand awareness with challenges gathering the best developers around the globe.
  • Bring your team closer with successful hackathons.

Fun and engaging challenges for all teams needs

Whether you’re planning a two-week team-building event with highly skilled developers across different time zones or a one-hour fun event for juniors, CoderPad has the perfect format for you, no matter the scale or duration of your event.

Clash of Code

Original, fun and addictive real-time coding challenges when everyone is solving the same puzzle at the same time.


A comprehensive suite of traditional coding challenges that serve to refine and test a developer’s proficiency in algorithmic problem-solving and coding.


A combination of programming, creativity, and non-coding exercises. This multiplayer experience allows teams to work together remotely, as they embark on a fun and unique adventure.

Bot Prog

Program an autonomous agent to achieve specific objectives within a predefined scenario. These scenarios are designed to be diverse and intellectually stimulating.

Our internal hackathon is an ambitious project which involves the whole company, including top management. Overall, the hackathon is a tremendous success. CoderPad really contributes to making our developers happy

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A proven track record of developer engagement

  • We know how to challenge devs
  • More than 20K participants for each of our challenges
  • More than 4 million developers come to CoderPad to beat challenges and sharpen their skills
  • Rich variety of fun challenges to strengthen your team
  • 25 coding languages supported

Interested in using CoderPad Play for your team?

We provide you with a full package for a successful event from the early stages with the creation of a registration page, the invitation to the end with a final leaderboard.

Packages start at $10K and include:

Default package

  • Customizable registration page
  • Invitation email to all participants
  • A game selected for your needs
  • The final leaderboard to declare the winners!
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  • Unlimited participants
  • Promotion to CoderPad community (4M users)
  • Exclusive game for your event
  • High level of customization
  • Multiple round events
  • CoderPad team member on-site for technical support
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Here are the milestones you can expect during your challenge

  1. 1 Define your project
  2. 2 Selection of the type of challenge
  3. 3 Testing phase
  4. 4 Promotion
  5. 5 Challenge time!
  6. 6 Competition results

We found the game very addictive—and that’s the feedback we got from our peers at Amdocs, too

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The fun, even competitive, aspect of the event will draw teams in. This is one of the things we loved about Clash of Code

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