Sketch system diagrams, work flows with drawing tools and image uploads to communicate with a technical candidate visually during an interview

Digital whiteboard

Enhance interviews effortlessly with our digital whiteboard feature, conveniently integrated inside the interview pad. Sketch, diagram, and upload images without ever leaving the interview window.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface

Nobody wants a steep learning curve, especially during an interview. Drawing Mode offers a simple and intuitive tool for visualizing your interview process.

  • Access the whiteboard directly within the live interview pad for a seamless experience.
  • Real-time synchronization ensures a smooth and interactive environment.
  • Open, resize, or close the window according to your preference without affecting others.

Collaborate seamlessly with your candidate

Engage in real-time sketching to gain insights into your candidate’s thinking process and replicate the collaborative environment of in-person interviews.

  • Illustrate data structures or outline web app architectures.
  • Break down coding challenges and sketch out ideas interactively.
  • Conduct code walkthroughs to comprehend the candidate’s reasoning.

Visualize discussions effectively

Elevate your interviews with visual prompts, saving time and creating a dynamic, engaging experience for your interviewees.

  • Present charts or reference materials to guide technical discussions.
  • Share workflows to explore candidates’ perspectives on optimization.
  • Display UI mockups to inspire and observe candidates’ design approaches.