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Don’t miss out on hidden talent

CoderPad is your go-to tool for assessing a candidate’s abilities in a practical setting. Forget about resumes and let their skills say it all!

The collaborative CoderPad editor with code playback

Join 4,000+ engineering teams using CoderPad to see skills in action

Effective solutions for technical hiring. Every step of the way.

Tech Skills Assessment

Resumes tell half the story. Screen all candidates and use reports to reveal the most-skilled to interview.

Live Tech Interviews

Code together or just observe. Evaluate coding compatibility with real work challenges to ensure a good fit.

Take-Home Projects

Discover a candidate’s deep work approach by creating a take-home project to do in their own time.

University Recruiting

Enrich your team with emerging talent by sharing a test or take-home link at colleges.

CoderPad takes the headache out of tech recruiting at every step.

Create technical tests in 1 minute
(even if you’re not techy)

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CoderPad Screen lets you create technical tests quickly even if you're not techy

Wow your candidates with tests that aren’t tedious.

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CoderPad Screen lets you delight candidates with gamified questions that are engaging and fun

Pinpoint the most skilled candidates to present to hiring managers.

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Spot high performing candidates to move to the next interview round using CoderPad Screen tests

Code together before you work together. Use collaborative coding to assess candidate communication and problem-solving.

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CoderPad Interview uses a cloud-based online IDE to simulate real world coding challenges

Make objective hiring decisions based on interview notes and code playback.

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CoderPad Interview makes objective bias-free hiring decisions

See skills shine in tests and interviews which are:


Welcome your new team member in half the time. CoderPad fast-tracks hiring to save you time and money.


Recreate any real-life work challenge or project in our user-friendly IDE.


Standardize assessments and interviews for objective hiring decisions without bias.


Built by developers, for developers. Over 90% of candidates enjoy their experience with our platform.

For BigCommerce, CoderPad was an instant fit. It’s reliable, accessible, and gives us real-time collaboration tools that save us time. With CoderPad, we found candidates can show their true skill sets without switching between unfamiliar platforms and hardware.

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