18 Top Websites to Use to Hire Java Developers


Java is one of the languages most sought after by recruiters in 2022, according to our Tech hiring survey.

The key to hiring success is knowing where to look and what the options are for finding high quality developers with the right number of years of experience in technologies you are looking for whether that is full stack development, web services, or mobile applications.

There are a variety of different sites that you can use to hire developers, depending upon the approach you want to take and your budget.

Job Boards

Job Boards are a traditional means for hiring both full-time as well as contract workers. Job boards allow you to post your requirements as well as showcase your company and the opportunities that come with the position in order to attract active job seekers. 

Different job boards will have their own characteristics, focuses, and special features.

1. Dice
Dice is one of the larger job boards that specializes in tech and IT talent, unlike more general job boards like Monster. Using this job board will help maximize the exposure your posting receives.

2. Glassdoor
Glassdoor provides the opportunity for employees to rate and review companies as well as find out information about salaries so as to get the inside scoop on companies they’re interested in. This will include interview questions posed to candidates who interviewed with the company. It also allows companies to post about their openings. If you have an established reputation as a desirable place to work, this can be a great place to post jobs when you’re looking for candidates that care about the sort of company they work for.

3. The Muse
In addition to posting jobs, this site offers career advice though its blog posts and coaching. They also offer assistance with branding your company profile and story to ensure you attract top Java developer talent.

4. Startupers
This is a job board oriented towards filling startup job openings. Startups require a different mentality such as a willingness to dedicate oneself and invest time in a way that may go above and beyond a more typical job, so startup companies may want to focus their efforts on job boards where the developers are seeking that sort of fast-paced environment with a long-term upside for their investment of time and energy. 

(Job) board
Job boards are useful for finding candidates who are actively job searching

5. AngelList
AngelList connects startups with investors and also has a job board for developers who are interested in working in innovative environments that may still be obscure and in the early stages of their funding.

6. PowerToFly
If you’re looking diversify your workforce, PowerToFly’s mission is to assist under-represented talent such as female tech professionals.

7. Authentic Jobs
Oriented towards web design and creative talent, Authentic Jobs will be a good place to search for front-end and mobile developers.

8. Craigslist
If you’re looking for local talent, the venerable, original online classifieds can be a great, low-cost way to find talent interested in working in a particular location.

When hiring through job boards, you will need to do the screening of candidates yourself. Fortunately CodinGame offers an assessment solution and plenty of potential interview questions.

Recruiters and Professional Matching Services

Professional matching services are designed to outsource certain aspects of the screening and matching process to find candidates that suit your needs. 

This can be ideal for organizations that have limited HR team or low bandwidth for doing their own technical screening, but this of course comes at a cost.

The different services have their own characteristics and strengths.

9. ZipRecruiter
Working with small and medium business as well as Enterprise business, this site uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match candidates to jobs and is a top-rated job site.

10. Toptal
Although it has expanded to include designers and finance experts, this professional matching service was designed for sourcing tech talent as independent contractors. It emphasizes the rigor of its screening processes, typically accepting less than 3% of the applications that are submitted.

11. Hired
Hired also emphasizes their custom matching software algorithms and pre-vetting of candidates to help employers find software engineers with specialized skill sets. They boast they can save 45 sourcing hours per hire and focus on proven skills, not a candidate’s pedigree.

Sites for Hiring Freelancers 

If you know for certain that you want to hire a freelancer, there are sites that specialize specifically as places to post contract positions. Moreover, these sites often allow you to search for contractors by specific skills and find those that are actively seeking work. You can also see how candidates have been rated by past employers. 

Use a specialized website to find your next qualified freelancer

12. Upwork
Upwork connects independent talent around the globe with millions of businesses, whether they are one-person startups to 30% of the Fortune 100. Upwork handles the billing and payment of freelancers. Upwork is not focused specifically on technical talent, but if you are hiring lots of freelancers it may be the way to go.

13. Freelancer
Freelancer allows you to post projects to hire freelancers as well as start “contests” to receive competing entries to iterate on with feedback, which they recommend for visual designs.

14. People Per Hour
People Per Hour is a UK based freelancer platform servicing 1.5 million freelancers and small businesses looking to connect to experts who are available to hire by the hour or project.

Team Hiring

Instead of assembling your own development team, which is time intensive and often requires a bit of luck, there is also the option to outsource the entire development team to a third party that will manage the project and the composition of the team for you.

15. Gigster
Gigster staffs flexible, full project teams for building applications that include a product manager, solution architect, designers, and software engineers.

16. X-Team
X-Team provides mentorship and educational resources for candidates in addition to matching dedicated, full-time, scalable teams of trusted developers with employers.

Other Places to Look for Developers

17. GitHub
Search GitHub profiles for specific skill sets, explore projects that a potential candidate has been involved with.

18. Stack Overflow
Q&A boards like this are another opportunity to find developers who may have specialized skills sets and are now active in the developer community, contributing to the overall knowledge base.


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