CoderPad supports over 41 programming languages and frameworks for running interviews that mirror real world tech stacks

Languages and frameworks

Easily run interviews in your tech stack that mirror real job demands. Make it realistic to get an accurate read on post-specific programming and problem-solving skills.

Focus with frameworks to get more done

Make the most of every interview minute by seeing candidates construct solutions, not just code. Engage candidates as you gain valuable insights.

  • Assign real-world tasks, such as building a weather app, login feature, or shopping cart.
  • Prepare project-style interview questions easily. Just write instructions and drag and drop the required files.
  • Assess candidates comprehensively by having them tackle a task from start to finish.

99+ languages and frameworks to recreate your tech stack

Access everything you need for realistic interviews. Find popular programming languages and frameworks that power modern tech.

  • Run interviews for various roles, including frontend, backend, full-stack, and data scientists.
  • Always up-to-date with new languages and frameworks regularly added as they gain traction.
Use language agnostic questions so candidates can solve the question in the programming language they are most comfortable with

Built-in flexibility

Let candidates choose their favorite framework or switch languages during the interview. CoderPad adapts wherever the interview takes you.

  • Empower candidates to showcase their skills in their chosen language with our language-agnostic questions.
  • See how candidates tackle technical challenges using their preferred language or framework.
  • Easily switch between languages, frameworks, and questions to follow the natural flow of the interview.

A great library with a huge range of languages and frameworks.

Want some inspiration for questions? Check out the Coding Interview Question Library.

Test drive your language/framework

Create your own interview question, run code or just play in the sandbox.