CoderPad Interview allows multiple people to write and execute code from within their browser

Collaborative IDE

Write, execute, and debug code alongside your candidate, all within a high-performing, browser-based environment. CoderPad’s interactive and realistic coding platform even includes ChatGPT!

An authentic IDE which developers use daily

Our intuitive interface ensures an exceptional candidate experience, enabling candidates to showcase their skills while saving valuable interview time.

  • A smooth experience with no special set up necessary. No lags, confusing UI, or glitches. CoderPad just works.
  • Candidates can access anonymously for quick and simple access.
  • Built on the foundation of VS Code, the world’s most popular code editor, for a familiar interface and features.
  • Effortlessly load files from your desktop or GitHub repository using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Efficient and comfortable coding

Give candidates the tools necessary to demonstrate their true abilities without distractions or frustration.

  • Optimize focus and reduce eye fatigue with the popular dark mode option.
  • Easily locate and fix mistakes with error highlighting.
  • Save time with Vim keybindings, IntelliSense autocomplete, and more.

Find all your favorite languages and frameworks

Conduct interviews that closely resemble real-world work to get an accurate read on the skills your team needs. Interview in 99+ languages and frameworks within a customizable, multi-file environment.

  • Swiftly switch between languages or questions for flexible interviewing.
  • With frameworks support, dive into a realistic scenario, such as working on an incomplete or incorporating data from an API. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Craft custom questions for company specific themes or choose from our question bank for broader skills.

Evaluate candidates’ collaboration, communication, and problem-solving

Replicate on-the-job challenges by coding alongside your potential future team members. Assess how candidates approach problem-solving and communicate as they walk you through their coding.

  • Colored cursors provide a seamless shared coding experience, enabling easy identification of team members so you can collaborate, correct, or guide.
  • Relax knowing everyone can see and experience the same thing with seamless synchronization across the code editor and drawing mode panel.
  • All code is recorded for playback later so you can fully participate in the interview without needing to take notes.

Activate ChatGPT in pads to discover how candidates leverage AI tools

Generative AI tools are becoming increasingly popular and can save developers time. The ChatGPT dialog box is accessible directly from the pad for interviewers and candidates and everything is recorded in code playback.

  • See if candidates can use developer tools to enhance problem-solving efficiency and effectiveness, such as by generating code snippets or explaining complex code in plain language.
  • Initiate discussions on prompts and output to assess candidates’ comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  • Share candidate code for ChatGPT to complete or debug, and encourage the candidate to discuss whether they agree with the results and why.