The 2022 CodinGame Year in Review

As the year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on our accomplishments and set goals for the next year.  We hope 2022 was full of good surprises, positive changes, and good hires.

For CodinGame, we were very busy! We released more than 20 major features and have scheduled stunning features for 2023.  Let’s review the ten features that we feel will make the biggest impact on your screening process.

1. Team workspaces

If you’re like many CodinGame customers, you have a ton of users and a ton of tests – this can get messy. Enterprise accounts can now create separate teams where users can manage and access the tests that are specific to their team.   

2. Improved test navigation

Navigating through all existing tests might have been a bit time-consuming. We entirely redesigned the navigation to easily find a previous test. With mass actions, you can multi-select and delete old tests, or easily rename a test to match its content, just do it from the menu page without entering the test anymore.

3. Candidate tracking

Let’s be real, keeping track of candidates and their assessments it tough.  Thanks to the candidate tracking feature, you can organize by their status: Passed, Rejected, or To Review, and immediately take action for the next steps in their recruitment.

4. Dark mode

Candidates’ experience matters a lot to us, and that’s why we are investing in their experience. We are releasing a dark mode version of the platform to better match the professional environment and look and feel of your company IDE. Candidates are able to switch from dark to light mode during their test.

5. Permission simplification

Adding a new user has never been easier since we reworked the permission process. You can select your user’s role either Admin or Member and then add/remove their permission relative to their roles when the default settings aren’t enough. Don’t waste your time understanding who can do what anymore.

6. Open assessment link

Use one test link for job postings – perfect for large-scale recruiting, such as at a job fair or university recruiting, or even include the test link on your job posting. Filter for candidates based on their tech assessment, and rely less on resumes. 

7. Updated results email

You might have noticed already, there is no longer an attached PDF with your candidates’ results. All candidates’ answers will appear directly in your inbox, and you can just click on the email to watch the code playback. This is much more interactive and makes it easier to track candidates’ results. Of course, you can always share a PDF with someone else when needed.

8. Improved test creation

Create a new test in just seconds. The platform has been updated to help you save time while creating a new test. It’s also much easier to navigate through the question bank and preview a question just by clicking on it.

9. A second chance for candidates

Sometimes a candidate can fail the test regardless of their skills. Power outrage or weak internet connection are more frequent than we realize. Candidates can now request a second chance when receiving their test results explaining why they can do better. Of course, it remains the decision of the employer to grant it or not.

10. New question packs

At CodinGame we take pride in offering the largest question bank for our customers covering all frequently used technologies. New question packs are available covering Embedded C, Talend, and Terraform technologies, and we also enriched Spring and Machine learning question packs.

And this will wrap up CodinGame’s Top 10 for 2022. Want to know the latest on the live interviews side? Discover CoderPad top 10 innovations in 2022 in the blog post here or in the video below.


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