Assess. Don’t guess.

Let candidates showcase their skills so you can shortlist with confidence

Create a coding assessments for your job opening in under a minute. The reports and ranking will give you clarity so you can quickly identify the candidates with the right skills to move forward with a technical interview.

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CoderPad Screen let's you create technical tests quickly

Create a test with zero stress.
4 clicks and it’s ready to send.

Easily create comprehensive tests for a variety of roles and technologies. Just enter the criteria for your job and it’s ready.

CoderPad Screen let's you compare different candidates technical abilities in an unbiased way

Quickly spot talent with our detailed reports.

Automated scoring and easy-to-read reports make it easy to know who you should interview. Get rid of doubts and guessing.

Use CoderPad Screen's fun, interactive tests that have a 96% completion rate

Engage candidates with tests they want to complete.

Reduce candidate drop-off with tests that are relevant and enjoyable. CoderPad Screen tests have a 96% completion rate.

CoderPad Screen has a web based code-editor with syntax highlighting

Comprehensive question bank

Assess with precision with questions for all skills and levels

Choose from the extensive selection of questions to build coding tests perfectly adapted to your hiring needs.

  • 4,000+ questions tailored to junior, senior or expert positions
  • 70+ supported technical skills. From Python to Node.js to cyber security, test what’s needed
  • Test for technical roles such as Front-end engineer or Data scientist with the selected skills set
  • Question formats include game-based, coding exercises, free text, and custom questions
CoderPad Screen has easy to read candidate score reports with graphs and rankings

Ranking, reports and code playback

See how candidates code before the interview

More nuanced than a resume, get an overview of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses with rankings and in-depth reports.

  • Automatically graded for quick but accurate assessments
  • Code playback to understand candidates’ thinking and coding style
  • Comparative score to benchmark candidates against other similar developers
  • Scoring includes subskills, such as code reliability
CoderPad Screen offers visual coding challenges that are fun and engaging

Positive Candidate Experience

Engage candidates before you meet them

Show candidates tech assessments can be stress-free, interesting and relevant. They needn’t be stressful, boring or irrelevant to the job. Candidates love our game-based exercises.

  • IDE based on the most popular code editor, VS Code, with features including dark mode and autocomplete
  • Tests available in 3 languages, English, French, and Spanish
  • Gamified coding exercises with interactive real-time visual rendering
  • Language-independent questions to let candidates show their real strengths in the language they master best
CoderPad Screen has geo location anti-cheating technology

Anti-cheating System

Find out when candidates plagiarize or behave suspiciously

Feel reassured that test results are an accurate depiction of candidates’ skills with our built-in cheating protection

  • Randomize questions so each test differs and candidates can’t share the content
  • Check out code playback to see how candidates coded and when they left the screen and pasted (paste can be disabled)
  • Get alerts when candidates’ behavior or performance is unusual or if plagiarism is detected
  • Know candidates’ approximate geolocation throughout test
CoderPad Screen supports a wide variety of programming languages and popular frontend and backend frameworks

Comprehensive testing for all your hiring needs

65+ languages, frameworks, and technical skills. You do it? We test for it.

  • Java, SQL, Git, Angular 2+, React, Data Science, Cyber Security, and many more
  • Perfect for front-end, back-end, full-stack or even non-developer roles, such as data analysts
  • Offer flexibility with language-independent questions so candidates choose how to respond
CoderPad Screen offers automated testing for code correctness and errors

Adaptable to your company

Enhance your employer brand with customization

Let the candidate experience and content of test reflect your unique brand, company culture, and specific job needs.

  • Adapt available questions or create new ones related to your company’s work
  • Vary test content with questions including multiple choice, free text, coding exercises, or projects
  • Prioritize the strengths most important to you by customizing grading criteria and points given in automatic grading
  • Brand tests with your logo and adapt messages to candidates for your company voice
CoderPad Screen integrates with popular 3rd party applicant tracking systems

Integrations for streamlined hiring

Connect Screen with your everyday tools

Integrate Screen with your Applicant Tracking System to seamlessly send tests and receive results.

Screen has integrations for Greenhouse, iCIMS, Lever, SmartRecruiters, Taleo, and Workable.

You can also connect custom tools via our API, making it easy to connect Screen with your system.

We had no unified approach or tool to assess technical ability. Today, CodinGame Assessment enables us to test against a wide selection of languages and is continually updated.

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