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For growing businesses

$300/month $300/month

$3,600 billed annually

30 tests/month 360 tests/year

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  • 3 users
  • Team question bank
  • 10 custom questions
  • Company branding
  • Role-based permissions


For high-volume recruiting

$850/month $850/month

$10,200 billed annually

90 tests/month 1,080 tests/year

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All Team features plus

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited custom questions: MCQ, coding questions or exercises, downloadable projects
  • ATS integration & API access
  • Single Sign-On


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Enterprise plans for large organizations with ambitious goals and hiring teams of 10+.


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All Business features plus

  • Number of tests tailored to your needs
  • Enterprise question bank
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Custom data storage

All plans include

Quick test creation

You can set up coding tests in just 3 clicks with our intuitive test builder. Simply choose a job role or specific technologies, a difficulty level and test duration and create the perfect test in less than a minute.

Detailed reports with code playback

In addition to a score, reports contain a skills breakdown for design, language knowledge, problem-solving, code reliability, and more. You can even see how candidates code with code playback.

Comprehensive question bank

Our question bank contains 3900+ real-life, role-based, gamified questions covering 60+ languages, domains & frameworks. Regularly updated to keep up with industry trends and your needs.

“CodinGame Assessment meets our needs perfectly. We benchmarked every solution on the market and CodinGame was our first choice based on their service, pricing and convenience.”

Alexis Slawny
IT Head of Digital Transformation

“We had no unified approach or tool to assess technical ability. Today, CodinGame Assessment enables us to test against a wide selection of languages and is continually updated.”

Simon Coombe
Head of Talent Acquisition

  • “I’m taking no risk in selecting my future team.”
  • “The fastest way to learn about candidates’ skills.”
  • “An investment you won’t regret.”
  • “Excellent evaluation that doesn’t feel boring.”
  • “Robust yet simple to use.”
  • “Shortlist the right candidates quickly and easily.”
  • “Great for non-technical HR.”
  • “A truly excellent testing platform.”

Frequently asked questions, answered.

All the basic features you need to create and send a few well-rounded, unbiased tests so you can start screening tech talent ASAP. Get instant access to a limited bank of real-life, role-based and gamified questions & exercises. With the help of the Test Wizard, you can set up tests in a few clicks by selecting randomized blocks of questions based on domains or a preset job role. Use Code Playback, Candidate Test Report and Comparative Score to quickly decide which candidates move on to the next round.

Absolutely–send as many tests as you need (hooray for more candidates!). Pay for only the extra number of tests (20€/test) that you send. No need to pay for an unlimited number of tests when you don’t need it.

Get in touch with us and we can hook you up.

Don’t stress (no need to find extra candidates just to use up the remaining tests!). As soon as your next billing period starts, your available number of tests will reset so you’ll always be ready to recruit.

.NET platform, AWS, Agile, Android, Angular 2+, AngularJS, Ansible, Apache Spark, Azure, BDD/Gherkin, Bash, C, C#, C++, CSS, Cassandra/NoSQL, Cyber Security, Data Science, Data Science – Python, Data Science – R, Dataset Analysis, Django, Docker, Drupal 8, Elastic Stack, Elasticsearch, Embedded C, Flutter, GCP, Git, Go, HTML, Hadoop Ecosystem, Java, JavaScript, Jenkins / Nexus, Kafka, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Laravel, Linux Administration, Matlab, MongoDB, Network Administration, Node.js, PHP, Power BI, Powershell, Python 3, QA/Test (ISTQB), React, React Native, Robot Framework, Ruby, SQL, Scala, Selenium, Spring Framework, Star Schema, Swift, Symfony, Tableau, Talend, Terraform, Typescript, Vue, Windows administration

.Net Back-End Developer (C#, SQL), .Net C# Developer, .Net Full Stack Developer C#, .Net Full Stack Developer C# and Angular, .Net Full Stack Developer C# and ASP.NET, .Net Full Stack Developer C# and React, .Net Full Stack Developer C# and Vue.js, Agile Product Manager, Angular Front-End Developer, AngularJS Front-End Developer, Ansible Admininstrator, Ansible/Linux Sysadmin, AWS/Docker DevOps Engineer, Azure/Docker DevOps Engineer, BI Analyst – Star Schema (SQL), C Developer, C Embedded System Developer, C++ Developer, C++ Embedded System Developer, C++ Software Developer, Cassandra/NoSQL Engineer, CI Engineer (Jenkins / Nexus), Data Engineer (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka), Data Scientist (Matlab), Data Scientist (Python), Data Scientist ®, Database Administrator (SQL), Devops Python, Docker/Go DevOps Engineer, Drupal 8 Developer, Elastic Stack (ELK) DevOps Engineer, Elasticsearch (ELK) Developer/Data Engineer, Flutter Developer, Full Stack Developer Django, Full Stack Developer Java, Full Stack Developer Java and Angular, Full Stack Developer Java and React, Full Stack Developer Java and Vue.js, Full Stack Developer Laravel, Full Stack Developer Node.js and Angular, Full Stack Developer Node.js and React, Full Stack Developer Node.js and Vue.js, Full Stack Developer PHP, Full Stack Developer PHP and Angular, Full Stack Developer PHP and React, Full Stack Developer PHP and Vue.js, GCP/Docker DevOps Engineer, Git Expert, Go Developer, Hadoop Developer, Java Back-End Developer (Java/SQL), Java Developer, Java Spring Back-End Developer, Kafka Developer, Kotlin Developer, Kubernetes/Docker DevOps Engineer, Linux Sysadmin, Matlab Engineer, Mobile Android Developer (Java), Mobile Android Developer (Java, Flutter), Mobile Android Developer (Kotlin), Mobile iOS Developer (Swift), Mobile iOS Developer (Swift, Flutter), MongoDB Engenier , Network Administrator, Node.js Back-End Developer, PHP Developer, PHP Symfony Developer, Power BI Analyst, Python Developer, React Front-End Developer, React Native Mobile Developer, Robot Framework QA Automation Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer, Scala Developer, Scrum/Agile Developer, Security Engineer, Selenium QA Automation Engineer, Software Tester (Functional testing), Spark Developer, Tableau Analyst, Talend Developer, Terraform Administrator, Typescript Developer, Vue.js Front-End Developer, Web Developer (Javascript, HTML, CSS), Windows Sysadmin

You can create your own custom questions specific to exactly what you’re hiring for. We also encourage you to contact us as we’re constantly adding more programming languages, domains and frameworks and preset job roles.

No problem. Our services are non-binding. We understand that your recruitment activities can vary. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can do it online, from your user account, with no cancellation fees. Your account will no longer be charged after you cancel your subscription.