Code together before you work together.

Collaborative coding interviews so you can see how engineers code, communicate and problem solve.

CoderPad Interview offers a collaborative online code editor for technical interviews
Use CoderPad Interview's multi-file code editor to simulate real-world projects

Make your interview questions mirror the job

Simulate on-the-job challenges to get a true idea of how the candidate would perform in the role.

CoderPad Interview supports automated test cases

Standardize your interviews for fair and accurate hiring

Save time and give all candidates an equal chance to showcase their skills when you prepare interviews in CoderPad.

CoderPad Interview has several example questions to get you started

Familiar and feature-rich code editor

Eliminate any learning curve with CoderPad’s browser-based interface that allows you to conduct interviews in 40+ languages and frameworks effortlessly.

CoderPad Interview supports multi-person interviewing in an online code editor

Visual Studio-based IDE

User-friendly code editor with all the essential features

  • Comfortable coding with auto-indentation, auto-complete, and dark mode
  • Write, run and debug code in 40+ languages and frameworks
  • Create multi-file environments
  • Plan interviews with multiple questions and languages for seamless switching
  • Use shell, console and log, npm install packages, readme and more
CoderPad Interview lets you playback every keystroke for easy review and collaboration with colleagues

Hire fair, reduce bias

All the features needed for a smooth interview

  • Easily follow candidates’ coding with real-time highlighting and cursor
  • Code playback means you don’t need to remember everything or rely on a colleague’s summary
  • Integrated video call feature
  • Document notes in interviews for later team discussions
  • Feel sure that hiring choices are based on demonstrated skills
Use drawing mode in CoderPad Interview for system diagramming and visual thought process

Technical diagramming, database design, UI/UX mockups

Virtual whiteboard for visualizing complex problems

  • Let candidates demonstrate their coding thought process with sketching feature and text
  • Mimic on-the-job problem-solving in an interactive environment
  • Start with a blank diagram for a candidate to fill in
  • Upload images or references materials in advance to prompt a technical discussion
CoderPad Interview gets creative with questions that evaluate the skills that matter

Go beyond the algorithm

Be creative to tailor questions to job and skillset

  • Use example questions out-of-the-box or take inspiration and adjust to make them more relevant to the specific job
  • Simulate real job responsibilities – build apps, debug programs, work with API data and more
  • Recreate your specific work coding challenges in custom questions
  • Discover your candidates’ applicable coding skills, not just what they learned at school
CoderPad Interview supports all of the popular programming languages and frameworks that developers use in everyday projects

Effortlessly switch languages

40+ languages and frameworks for full-stack interviews

  • Switch between Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C++, React, Ruby, Swift, and more. See the full list
  • Interview for front-end, back-end or full-stack roles
  • Use language-agnostic questions so candidates can show their best coding skills
CoderPad Interview integrates with popular 3rd party systems and applicant tracking systems

Seamless and streamlined

Integrate CoderPad with the tools you use everyday

  • Create interview pads directly from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), including Lever, Greenhouse, and SmartRecruiters
  • Google Calendar extension to add interviews directly to events
  • Simplify scheduling with GoodTime
  • We add new integrations following customer demand. 

    We add new integrations following customer demand.  and if you have a specific need, let us know.

We are able to hire better, sharper candidates now thanks to CoderPad.

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Experience our IDE yourself

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