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Santiago Vélez Robledo, former technical recruiter and founder of Smart Talent IT, aims to help developers find jobs well-suited to their skills, and at the same time help employers find the best match for their talent requirements.

We’re thrilled that Santiago discovered CodinGame Assessment early in his entrepreneurial journey, and that we had the privilege of being his very first partner.

“I’ve sent around 5,000 (CodinGame) tests in the first ten months of Smart Talent IT. That’s a lot of tests, and your platform never goes down! That’s important to me.”

Santiago Vélez Robledo

CEO of Smart Talent IT

Smart Talent IT


Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Number of employees

Technology recruitment

The challenge

At the very beginning of Smart Talent IT, candidates recommended to companies weren’t passing muster. 

Smart Talent’s homemade multiple choice and text-based tests weren’t precise and rounded enough to select qualified candidates for clients’ projects. Plus, returning applicants were retaking the exact same tests. 

When the first 9 Ruby developer candidates Santiago sent to a huge international company failed the company’s interviews, he knew he had to radically improve his selection process.

The solution

Santiago found the ideal method to profile developers in CodinGame Assessment.

How? He met with the “número uno”, the technical guru from the multinational company whose interviews his candidates couldn’t pass. At the meetup, Santiago immediately noticed the developer’s T-shirt.

He was wearing a black t-shirt with a yellow design and a CodinGame logo on it. 

“What’s CodinGame?”

The developer told Santiago all about CodinGame and about how he made it to the very top of the CodinGamer leaderboard.

Thus introduced to CodinGame, Santiago discovered our realistic, practical assessment tests.

The results

Testing 400-700 applicants each month, the Smart Talent IT team now successfully and consistently match applicants to positions in Colombia, the US, and Canada. 

Developers’ skills are accurately evaluated as they solve expertly-crafted, real-time coding problems in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Angular, HTML, CSS, Docker…

There’s no way candidates can just “get lucky” on MCQs. The evaluation of their coding skills is much more valid. What’s more, since each test can be made unique with our random questions feature, returning candidates are no longer a problem.

Santiago hopes to impact more people across Latin America and the world—from 5,000 in 10 months to 100,000 in the next year—by upgrading to CodinGame’s Enterprise plan.

+1000 companies worldwide have already switched
to CodinGame to create non time-consuming and efficient coding tests

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