How Nasdaq Has Implemented a Global Screening Process Across 30+ R&D Offices



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Fueled by expertise and technology, Nasdaq is the multinational, corporate organization behind the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Technical innovation is interwoven into Nasdaq’s DNA and IT recruitment is critical to the company’s success. In our CodinGame Assessment platform, the Nasdaq talent team found a way to assess candidates’ technical abilities in multiple, state-of-the-art technologies.

“We had no unified approach or tool to assess technical ability. Today, CodinGame Assessment enables us to test against a wide selection of languages and is continually updated.”

Simon Coombe

Head of Talent Acquisition for Nasdaq North America



New York, United States

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The challenge

As a dynamic company that internalizes the major part of their technical development, Nasdaq has considerable and recurrent hiring needs.

Indeed, Nasdaq’s TA team hires close to 300 technical profiles per year, for a variety of technical positions that rely on different skills, technologies, applications and mindsets (Back End, Java, C++, QA, Technical BA/PM, Ruby, Angular, .net, etc.).

They needed a tool that would allow them to evaluate diverse tech abilities, at scale and across the world.

Today, Nasdaq’s technology teams make up for roughly 50% of their employee base: over 2000 technical profiles around the globe.

The solution

CodinGame Assessment has provided Nasdaq’s hiring teams with a straight-forward, one-stop solution for testing technical candidates against a wide selection of languages.

Simon Coombe is in charge of hiring for Nasdaq in North America, and manages the company’s global diversity talent acquisition strategy. He particularly appreciates the fact that CodinGame’s technical content is regularly updated.

For example, Nasdaq and CodinGame were able to move forward together this year, when DevOps and QA exercises were added to the CodinGame online assessment content library.

The results

All of Nasdaq’s recruitment teams have now adopted CodinGame Assessment. Their feedback? The tests are easy to initiate and the results are easy to track.

In the 2 years Nasdaq have been using CodinGame Assessment, they’ve been able to notably upscale and standardize their global screening process, successfully hiring over 500 tech experts.

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