How Dassault Systèmes Screens 1,000+ Developers Every Year With CodinGame


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Dassault Systèmes is a fast-growing global company, helping customers of all sizes, in all industries (from high-tech to life sciences, construction and transportation), to create sustainable solutions and address today’s major global challenges.

Eager to apply innovative recruitment methods, 3DS decided to partner with CodinGame to evaluate technical candidates at scale while maintaining high hiring standards.

“More than 3 in 4 candidates have already used CodinGame, so they’re familiar with the platform and its reputation. This helps a lot!”

Agnès Massot

3DS Talent Acquisition team

Dassault Systèmes


Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

Number of employees

3D design & engineering software

The challenge

Dassault Systèmes is always looking for high-quality and passionate tech profiles from diverse backgrounds.

A few years ago, it became clear that a thorough, standardized evaluation process would largely contribute to reaching these recruitment goals.

More recently, in 2018, 3DS decided to make CodinGame Assessment part of its hiring process in order to unify and enhance assessment of certain programming skills, instead of relying solely on technical interviews with the hiring managers.

The solution

3DS uses CodinGame Assessment to evaluate theoretical (notably Java, C++, JavaScript and Python) and cross-functional (soft) skills.

Agnès Massot explains, “We use the MCQs from the platform to assess language knowledge. Candidates either know the right answer or they don’t. […] Regarding problem solving, reliability or design, these involve more important, cross-cutting skills that we want to bring to light, and CodinGame Assessment helps us to do so.”

The CodinGame Assessment platform is also used to deliver internal certifications.

The results

The Talent Acquisition team at 3DS particularly appreciates the fact that the platform is very “user-friendly” and they say that “customer service is great”!

Today, the entire 3DS TA team uses the platform daily to uncover high-potential candidates and experts (developers, solution architects, DevOps, QA testers, etc.).

“CodinGame tests are a great basis for technical discussions. We know which subjects we need to dig deeper and which subjects can be skipped.

Agnès Massot

3DS Talent Acquisition team

By using CodinGame tests systematically, 3DS has optimized the hiring process and improved the candidate experience and the efficiency of their technical interviews.

+1000 companies worldwide have already switched
to CodinGame to create non time-consuming and efficient coding tests

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