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Innovation and R&D are at the heart of Dassault Systèmes’ business. In 42 countries around the world, various technical teams contribute to the deployment of 3DS solutions and products.  

A couple of years ago, so as to ensure a superior and uniform level of production quality, 3DS decided to standardize their internal certification process. To this end, Laurent Wallet and his team adopted CodinGame Assessment.

“It was very easy to set up a certification campaign with CodinGame and make it available internationally.”

Laurent Wallet

Learning Solution Development Specialist

Dassault Systèmes


Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

Number of employees

3D design & engineering software

The challenge

At 3DS, the cultural and technical diversity of the teams represents both an asset and a challenge for the people in charge of R&D. 

When the time came to assess internal skills and identify training or recruitment needs, the task was daunting. The main goal? To implement a standardized, worldwide certification program that would provide R&D decision-makers with greater visibility and food for strategic thought.

The solution

In CodinGame Assessment, 3DS found an evaluation tool to quickly deploy an international certification campaign for each of its six internally used programming languages.

The bank of questions available on the platform (3500+ questions and exercises, 60+ technologies) saved them precious time.

“We didn’t create our own questions, but it’s obvious that this feature is also very interesting for us because we have our own internal languages based on C++” 

Laurent Wallet

3DS Talent Acquisition team

This certification campaign was sent out across the world: CodinGame’s technical tests were accessible online by everyone, without time constraints, simultaneous connection errors, etc.

The results

Thanks to our online testing platform, 3DS has already been able to evaluate the technical skills of more than 2,200 employees worldwide (in C++, Javascript, Java, Python, C# and SQL).

Indeed, the software publisher has been able, with great ease, to create and distribute relevant and stimulating technical tests: respondents are invited to code in real conditions and find practical programming solutions.

The icing on the cake: 3DS have also integrated CodinGame tests into their hiring process, allowing them to automatically certify new employees.

+1000 companies worldwide have already switched
to CodinGame to create non time-consuming and efficient coding tests

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