Accurately evaluate technical talent faster, at scale.

Streamline and standardize your organization’s technical hiring

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Why Codingame Screen

The best way to evaluate a developer’s skills before hiring them


Designed to speed up the hiring process and save you time and money by reducing time to hire by 2x.


Built for any type of interviewing environment, fully-remote, hybrid, or in-person, and any type of technical role.


Research-backed, technical assessments that guarantee you provide candidates with a valid, reliable, and fair evaluation.


Built by developers, for developers. Nine out of ten candidates are happy with their experience on our platform.

Technical interviews at Enterprise scale

4,000+ customers

2,000,000+ evaluations per year

20+ of Fortune 100

Our Platform

Streamline and standardize your organization’s technical hiring

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Accurately identify the right candidates to move to a live technical interview

Screen candidates at scale with fully customizable, asynchronous coding tests. Choose from our library of questions and coding challenges or build your own.

  • 4,000+ questions
  • 70+ technologies
  • 90+ job roles
  • Cheat protection
  • Field-tested for fairness
different questions for different programming languages


Challenge candidates with self-contained projects to solve on their own time

Replicate a real-world work environment by giving candidates time and space to work through a small project, like they would if they joined your company.

  • Customized question library
  • Time limits
  • Familiar IDE environment
people collaborating on a coding project

Live Interviews

Evaluate a candidate’s ability to problem solve and collaborate

Host live coding interviews. Collaborate with candidates to write, execute, and debug code live, via our world-class integrated development environment. Or, follow-up on a take-home or coding test.

  • Realistic IDE
  • 30+ programming languages
  • Code playback
  • Interview notes
  • Built-in video
  • Whiteboard mode

Powerful Integrations

Seamlessly send asynchronous tests and schedule live interviews

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Fairness and inclusivity are core to what we do

Interested in designing a more inclusive technical interviewing process?


A platform designed to ensure every candidate gets an equal opportunity

The Candidate Experience

Diversity and Inclusion in the Technical Hiring Process

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