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Company growth often rhymes with team growth. The development of their technical teams is a critical step for Witekio, who are looking to recruit numerous tech profiles while minimizing the time spent processing applications during the screening phase.

Today, thanks to CodinGame Assessment, Witekio teams only meet the most promising profiles for a technical interview.



“We were looking for a tool able to bridge the gap between HR and the technical teams.”

Clémentine Laurent

HR Business Partner



Lyon, France

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The challenge

In their 18 years of existence, Witekio, specialized in the development of embedded and IOT software, have established a global presence. 

With offices in France (Paris and Lyon), Frankfurt, Bristol, and Seattle, harmonizing their recruitment processes is a major challenge: team members (developers, project managers, architects, testers, and designers) come from over 10 countries.

The “aim of the game” for Witekio’s HR team? Standardizing their screening and decision-making  practices.

The solution

So as to harmonize their practices and save time, Witekio decided to adopt a tool that would facilitate and accelerate the technical assessment of candidates. The prerequisite: that this solution be usable by all stakeholders—irrelevant of where they’re based.

What’s more, the solution had to be customizable. Witekio recruiters needed to be able to adjust the assessments according to each position’s requirements (embedded Linux, middleware, web, mobile, etc.). The tests also had to be short and simple so as not to put off candidates with a long and tedious test. 

These tests and the CodinGame platform have now been an integral part of Witekio’s recruitment process for a full year.

The results

In the first half of 2020, Witekio sent out more than 1,300 tests and recruited 20 people.

The tests, sent at the beginning of the process, enabled the HR team to identify the most promising candidates. These candidates were then invited to meet a member of the technical team for an in-depth interview.

Witekio have saved a considerable amount of time and improved the quality of their technical hires. 


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