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For diversity in tech, ‘skills-based hiring should become the norm’

July 6, 2021
CodinGame’s Aude Barral spoke to about creating diverse tech teams and making the sector more inclusive as a whole.

Equality Goes Missing In The Digital Industry

June 11, 2021
In many organisations in many different locations women have not always been welcome. The catalyst for change was World War II, when women took work in factories to replace conscripted male workers. Since then, women have been fighting for true equality in the workplace. Today, more women than ever are turning to business and the global number of female entrepreneurs increasing by 10% each year.

The Tech Talent War Has No End In Sight. Here’s What You Need To Know

June 1, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented wave of tech adoption for businesses across all industries – as companies learned to work remotely and connect with customers virtually, they essentially crammed a decade’s worth of tech adoption and digital transformation into a single whirlwind year.

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