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Developer jobs: Nearly a third of top tech roles remain empty, say recruiters

October 20, 2022
Despite hiring freezes and layoffs, companies of all sizes need software professionals – and there simply aren't enough to go around.

SheCanCode spotlight series: Questions about the lack of diversity in the tech sector

August 18, 2022
Women still account for less than 20% of the tech workforce. Women remain underrepresented in a sector that is a trailblazer for innovation yet cannot work out how to diversify its workforce. Encouraging more women to study STEM subjects at university, and inspire them to consider a career in tech, would be a step in the right direction to address the gender imbalance. But the blame is not solely at the feet of education.

UK job vacancies fall for the first time in two years

August 16, 2022
Britain’s red hot jobs market is showing signs of cooling with the number of vacancies falling for the first time in two years, latest official figures reveal today.

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