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What Is Talent Acquisition? Definition, Process, Strategies, and Best Practices

June 3, 2020
A fierce hiring landscape and rising demand for highly skilled labor are changing the very definition of talent acquisition. Talent acquisition specialists have a challenging task ahead – how do you ensure that talent acquisition is an ongoing, continuously monitored activity? Could the latest tools and technologies simplify talent acquisition processes? In this primer, find out what talent acquisition is and the best practices for talent acquisition at your enterprise.

How to ace a technical interview: Advice for software developers looking for a new job

April 9, 2020
For software engineers looking for a new job, winning an interview with a new company is just the first hurdle to cross. The next phase of the process is the technical interview: A test of your coding skills. The technical interview for a software developer position is designed to measure your ability to do the most important parts of the job: Writing clean, usable code, and fixing redundant, buggy code.

How can recruiters reduce the number of mis-hires in the tech industry?

March 31, 2020
The cost of a mis-hire can be anywhere from 5 to 27 times an employee’s actual salary. This means that a mis-hire for a tech position that pays £45k per year could cost your company anywhere from £225k to £1.21m! That’s a lot of money – money that you could be investing elsewhere. While you may not be able to eradicate mis-hires from your recruiting vocabulary completely, you can limit how often you experience them. Here are my top tips – tried and tested by our vast community of HR professionals and tech hiring managers.

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The French start-up CodinGame officially published its annual report on the profession of developer after questioning over 20 000 coding passionates in 120 countries.  For the

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