Carrefour Organizes Successful Remote
Coding Tournament for
Tech Teams


2 hours

of coding fun



clashes played



of participants want to clash again!

With 12,225 stores in over 30 countries, Carrefour is a leading international food retailer.
In his time with Carrefour, Alexandre Delavanne (Head of Carrefour’s Microsoft department) has led various team building projects.
In April 2020, he decided to try something new, reinventing team building for his tech team. He organized a thrilling and engaging online Clash of Code tournament with CodinGame.

“The fun, even competitive, aspect of the event will draw teams in. This is one of the things we loved about Clash of Code.”

Alexandre Delavanne

Head of Carrefour’s Microsoft department

Carrefour Group


Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Number of employees

Food retail

The challenge

Alexandre was looking for a way to inspire and engage the developers he works with. As his teams are scattered across France and work on several complex projects simultaneously, an online event was ideal.

Alexandre had two main goals in mind:

  • Ensure close collaboration and improved retention by strengthening the social link between tech team members.

  • Facilitate internal skill sharing and development by encouraging developers to share their best practices.

The solution

We knew just what to suggest to help Alexandre reach his goals:
a Clash of Code tournament!

On April 15 and for two hours straight, 15 members of the Microsoft back office team battled it out, remotely, in an online coding tournament. On the menu? A series of mini (5 to 10 minutes) coding competitions or “clashes”.

Developers took to virtual coding arenas with only their wit, speed, and favorite programming languages to defend themselves with. Creative coding juices went wild as participants discovered the different dynamic clash modes and desperately tried to beat their colleagues in the clash rankings!

“The addictive Clash of Code format was a perfect fit.”

Alexandre Delavanne

Head of Carrefour’s Microsoft department

The results

The event was met with great enthusiasm.

Alexandre was especially impressed with the addictive, entertaining Clash of Code format. His teams were, evidently, intrigued by this short and sweet format too, since taking part was completely optional and yet participation exceeded expectations.

The end result? Carrefour developers fell in love with the immersive Clash of Code experience. They completely lost themselves in the games and had heaps of coding fun.

Alexandre succeeded in bringing his teams closer together.

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