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Amdocs India Promotes Innovation Culture With CodinGame AI Challenge

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Amdocs and their 25,000 employees serve the leading players in the communications and media industry, enabling next-generation experiences in 85 countries.

The India Innovation team organizes various activities that drive the culture of innovation for Amdocs India. We’re excited they chose a CodinGame AI Challenge to engage and collaborate with employees for Amdocs India’s first remote coding challenge. 

“We found the game very addictive—and that’s the feedback we got from our peers at Amdocs, too.”

India Innovation Team




Missouri, USA

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The challenge

The India Innovation Team was looking for a way to engage Amdocs’ employees virtually during the Covid-19 lockdown situation.

They wanted to:

  • Promote innovation culture within the company through a virtual event
  • Engage employees with a gamified creative-thinking challenge

After exploring different platforms, they decided to collaborate with CodinGame.

Naturally, with tech backgrounds in the team, they tested the AI challenge before anybody else: “We really had fun trying out the game and we felt that it was something which our people would enjoy playing too!”

The solution

When the team tried the AI challenge crafted by CodinGame, they immediately knew it was exactly what they were looking for.

A web-based game that resembles a video game, an AI challenge requires creative and strategic thinking as players attempt to code the most efficient Artificial Intelligence bot to win the final battle.

In 6 days, over two weekends (AI challenges can last from 4 hours to 2 weeks), hundreds of players matched wits in remote individual play, applying their best coding skills in a battle of bots and brains.

Players called on their creativity and on-the-spot thinking to continually redefine their strategies. Participants loved the fact that they could run automated tests in real time – putting their bot through its paces.

The results

Participants found the game realistic, challenging, and enjoyable.

The first virtual Amdocs India event successfully promoted innovation culture and engaged a large portion of their employees working from home during Covid-19. 

“We were expecting to engage as many employees as we could, and we were able to do just that.” 

India Innovation Team


The team was happy with the way the AI Challenge brought employees together virtually in an addictive and competitive online coding contest. 

They told us that they’d love to work with CodinGame again.

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