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Level up with CodinGame Assessment

Here at CodinGame we never stop working to make our assessment tool better. Today, thanks to our clients’ precious feedback, we’ve moved forward in our never-ending quest for the best possible version of our solution. Please raise your swords for: CodinGame Assessment 2.3!

Find out exactly what has changed.

1. A brand new design for our Assessment Reports

What are Assessment Reports?

Assessment reports allow you to quickly and easily analyze your candidates’ test results. Whether you need a clear overview of your online coding test results or a detailed report of each applicant’s answers – you’ll find all the information you need to identify the perfect match for your company.

What’s new?

We’ve made quite a few changes to our Assessment Reports in this new 2.3 version. The new reports are clearer, smarter and more readable – with a brand new global score for each candidate, even for multi-technology tests.

Our goal was to provide all the useful information needed to make a decision about a candidate’s technical proficiency at a glance, saving precious time in your hiring process.

Assessment reports show you a global view of your candidates’ results, ranked by performance. Use the global scores for a quick browse of your list, or deep-dive into the detailed evaluation of each developer’s technical skills (design, language knowledge, problem solving, reliability).

Also, the benchmark feature will allow you to position a candidate in a global population of developers who took a similar test on the platform.

CodinGame's Assessment Reports tool makes it easy to view candidates' online coding test results

Our new Assessment Reports make it easy to view candidates’ test results

2. A more precise and balanced score computation

What is score computation?

The Assessment Reports mentioned above rely on score computation. A carefully thought-out points system allows you to evaluate your candidates’ skills.

What’s new?

We’ve made changes to our calculations so as to make candidate scores even more precise, balanced and readable (our clients should note that this may impact the results of campaigns in progress during the switch to the shiny new 2.3 version).

Simple and transparent, users can now check score details and understand exactly how their candidates’ scores are calculated, where their applicants’ excelled (and earned points) and where they struggled (and lost points).

Find out how your candidates faired in your online coding tests thanks to the Assessment Reports tool

Assessment Reports give you a clear view of developers’ strengths and weaknesses

3. A new and improved Campaign Wizard

What is the Campaign Wizard?

The Campaign Wizard is a handy tool that helps you to create assessment campaigns at the click of a button. All you have to do is outline what type of developer you’re looking for and “Tadaa!” – our solution will build and put forward a fitting campaign that you can then review, save or customize.

What’s new?

We’ve tweaked and enhanced this tool so as to empower both non-tech and tech-savvy users. Amongst the changes made we have introduced a role feature, improved question management, added an advanced search field and a campaign overview.

CodinGame Assessment New Campaign Builder

4. New candidate tags

What are candidate tags?

We understand that as your talent pool grows, possessing the right tools to manage your candidate lists becomes increasingly important.

What’s new?

We’ve taken talent management to the next level thanks to our new tag option. You can now organize and filter your candidate lists using entirely customizable and relevant tags. You can choose, for example, to organize your candidates by source (agency, LinkedIn, job board, etc.), by geographical situation, by experience, etc.

Tags allow recruiters to organize their candidate lists in CodinGame Assessment

Use tags to filter your candidate lists

5. A revamped invitation email system

What are email invitations?

Our email invitation system allows you to invite any candidates who might have caught your eye to take your technical assessment.

What’s new?

We’ve improved our email system so as to make it more ergonomic, more comprehensive and entirely customizable – reflecting your brand image. You can now easily include your company logo, add photos and links, etc.

Invite candidates to take your online coding tests with CodinGame's new and improved email invitation system

You can now send personal invitations to take an online coding test – in an email reflecting your company image

We’re excited to bring CodinGame Assessment forward and we hope you love all of these changes. If you do have any questions regarding this switch, please don’t hesitate to contact Giacomo, from our Customer Care team at: giacomo[at]


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