How to Benchmark Developers Based on Their Skills

Benchmark developers with CodinGame Assessment
You can now benchmark developers with our new feature

When analyzing your CodinGame Assessment campaign, we understand that gauging if a developer’s test score is good (or not) can be a tricky business.

Sometimes, when you look at the results of your candidates, you may wonder whether your campaign is too easy (or too difficult). Maybe you don’t have enough candidates in your campaign to produce a reliable benchmark as a reference for future candidates.

Problem solved! Thanks to the new Comparative Score System, you’ll easily be able to benchmark developers by ranking your candidates among developers who took a similar assessment test on CodinGame.

Discover our new Comparative Score System

CodinGame Assessment Comparative Score system

In your candidate list, just click on a candidate row to open the report details


Benchmark developers, see if they are better than other programmers (or not)

On hover, a tooltip indicates how your candidate ranks against other developers in the system

What can you do with our
Comparative Score System?

  • Assess a candidate’s level even if you have no other candidates to compare them to
  • Compare your candidate’s expertise with that of a global developer population
  • Use it as a reference to build new campaigns based on the difficulty of another campaign

What’s next in the pipeline?

We’re currently working on the Smart Campaign Builder, which will make campaign creation far easier, especially for non-tech users.

The Comparative Score System will be made part of the new Campaign Builder. It will show you in real time how other developers in our system would score on the questions and exercises that you select.

Stay tuned!

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