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What Is Talent Acquisition? Definition, Process, Strategies, and Best Practices

June 3, 2020
A fierce hiring landscape and rising demand for highly skilled labor are changing the very definition of talent acquisition. Talent acquisition specialists have a challenging task ahead – how do you ensure that talent acquisition is an ongoing, continuously monitored activity? Could the latest tools and technologies simplify talent acquisition processes? In this primer, find out what talent acquisition is and the best practices for talent acquisition at your enterprise.

How to ace a technical interview: Advice for software developers looking for a new job

April 9, 2020
For software engineers looking for a new job, winning an interview with a new company is just the first hurdle to cross. The next phase of the process is the technical interview: A test of your coding skills. The technical interview for a software developer position is designed to measure your ability to do the most important parts of the job: Writing clean, usable code, and fixing redundant, buggy code.

How can recruiters reduce the number of mis-hires in the tech industry?

March 31, 2020
The cost of a mis-hire can be anywhere from 5 to 27 times an employee’s actual salary. This means that a mis-hire for a tech position that pays £45k per year could cost your company anywhere from £225k to £1.21m! That’s a lot of money – money that you could be investing elsewhere. While you may not be able to eradicate mis-hires from your recruiting vocabulary completely, you can limit how often you experience them. Here are my top tips – tried and tested by our vast community of HR professionals and tech hiring managers.

Developer jobs: These are the countries where you’ll get paid the most

March 31, 2020
Although few developers will be able or willing to move location any time soon, and many will be stuck working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak for the foreseeable future, some new data shows how developer salaries vary across a number of countries.

Gaming’s influence on people in technology

March 5, 2020
In a recent issue of E&T magazine, we looked at the way in which gaming has affected the technology industry, as well as its link to bad actors in the same space. If there is one thing that has gone alongside gaming as it continues to extend its reach, it is its tendency to attract moral panics.

Developing Developers: Q&A with Aude Barral, CodinGame

March 3, 2020
In this exclusive interview, TheGamingEconomy speaks with Aude Barral, co-founder and CMO, CodinGame, on the modern game developer, how roles and training are set to evolve as gaming platforms change, and how game design mechanics can be effectively employed outside of the sector.

Sure, check through my background records…

February 28, 2020
Young people entering the job market for the first time are warned to fillet their social media history as best they can. It's not just a matter of covering up a one-off display of xenophobia or boorish masculine behaviour: even innocent expressions of desire or emotion can be taken out of context.

Here’s how you can assess a developer’s coding skills before hiring

February 7, 2020
The main challenge met by recruiters when hiring developers is to find qualified candidates for the job vacancy. Because mis-hires are increasingly costly in the tech industry, it is imperative to assess a programmer’s technical skills during the recruiting process to validate whether or not they will be a good fit for the job.

Programming languages: Python is the developers’ favourite, with Java and JavaScript it’s a love-hate thing

February 6, 2020
Python remains a firm favourite programming language among developers, but when it comes to the popularity -- or otherwise -- of Java and JavaScript, the answer depends on which coders you ask.

What Makes Developers Tick

January 31, 2020
CodinGame has explored this issue with a survey of its dev community. Among key insights, its new report reveals which country is the best to work in.

CodinGame 2020 developer survey says Python is the most loved programming language

January 17, 2020
Which programming languages do developers love most—and which do they dread? CodinGame has the answers, as the company surveyed more than 21,000 developers. They also took a look at where to find the happiest developers, depending on the countries they work in and the positions they hold.

Video: Inside the process of solving a Nintendo-backed coding challenge

October 8, 2019
One of the hardest coding problems available on the programming challenge platform CodinGame is backed by Nintendo, and that piqued game coder Mike Acton's interest.

The Best Ways to Teach Yourself to Code

July 7, 2019
If you want to learn how to code, taking your first steps into this huge universe might seem like a daunting, if not intimidating task. Here’s the big secret: There are plenty of free (and inexpensive) resources you can use to give yourself all the help you need, teach yourself new techniques, and make this learning process fun and exciting—as exciting as coding can get, at least.

How to Boost Your Skills to Become a Better Developer

November 3, 2016
Software developers use katas to learn new skills in software development. The way katas are used today is great for learning new skills or to improve existing ones but it doesn’t address the intensity we face at work when there is a raging fire such as a deadline, release date, fixing a bug in huge legacy code, etc. This article covers the skills of good developers and highlights the importance of changing your training approach to improve your skills for high-intensity and challenging environments.

CodinGame — Get Better At Programming By Playing This Game In Your Browser

September 20, 2016
CodinGame is an interactive website that lets you improve your coding skills by playing games. You need to enter correct commands to defeat the enemies and win the game. The website lets you choose your favorite programming language from lots of options and become better at coding.

CodinGame Is The Most Literal Gamification Of Coding I’ve Ever Seen, And That’s A Good Thing

January 13, 2016
When most people talk about gamification, they’re talking about extrinsic reward systems. Virtual numbers going up at a strategic rate to keep people as interested as possible. Levels, experience, badges, achievements, golden blooms, and high-pitched bleeps and bloops. This has certainly been applied to learning how to code in the past, but CodinGame actually turns the coding into a game.

With CodinGame, Learning To Code Becomes A Game

November 11, 2015
French startup CodinGame just raised $1.6 million from Isai for its innovative code learning platform. As the name suggests, CodinGame is all about games — not game development, not gamification, just plain games. The logic behind each exercise is tied to an actual game so that you get visual feedback and an actual reward when you solve an exercise.

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