UK Businesses could face a tech talent crisis if they don’t embrace remote working, as new research reveals less than 1 in 5 developer jobs are remote positions

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UK businesses could face a tech talent crisis if they don’t embrace working from home, as new research reveals less than 1 in 5 developer jobs offer remote working.


According to research by developer recruitment platforms CoderPad and CodinGame*, only 19% of the 82,222 developer jobs currently being advertised in the UK give the option of working remotely.

Similar research carried out by CodinGame 12 months ago, found that 23% of tech job posts were remote.

This drop in the proportion of developer roles that offer remote working is surprising, particularly in light of businesses struggling to hire skilled developers.

Embracing remote working means that businesses are able to tap into a wider pool of talent rather than being dependent on hiring locally. 

Also, with a recent tech survey by CodinGame and Coderpad, revealing that 70% of developers would like to work remotely if given the opportunity, businesses are more appealing to candidates.

And in a candidate driven market, that can give companies the edge over the competition. 


Regional breakdown


Of the towns and cities where there are currently more than 100 job ads for developers, Peterborough (32% remote posts) and Dundee (31% remote posts) offer the highest percentage of remote positions.

Dundee’s global reputation for computer games has helped to fuel the growth of the city’s tech sector. It also explains why 31% of developer job posts are remote, as companies look to hire the very best international tech talent.

London has the highest number of developer jobs of any city, but the percentage of remote roles (17%) is one of the lowest of any town/city. 

Hull is at the foot of the table, with just 10% of the 329 job ads for developers offering candidates the opportunity to work from home.


Table: Major UK towns and cities with the highest percentage of remote roles for developers.

Location Number of developer positions Number of remote positions % of remote positions 
Peterborough 253 82 32.4
Dundee 104 32 30.8
Stevenage 335 95 28.4
Oxford 876 243 27.7
Mansfield 410 112 27.3
Brighton 401 103 25.7
Sunderland 439 112 25.5
Bristol 2482 621 25.0
Leeds 3049 758 24.9
Wigan 412 101 24.5

N.B. Only towns and cities with 100 or more developer jobs currently being advertised included in the table


Aude Barral, co-founder and CCO of developer recruitment platform CodinGame, comments: 


“We’d have expected to see a higher proportion of tech roles offering remote working, compared to 12 months ago. It’s surprising the percentage has fallen, especially in light of the exceptionally high demand for skilled developers.

“Companies face intense competition when it comes to attracting the very best tech talent, and offering remote working not only resonates with candidates, it also enables businesses to tap into a wider talent pool.

“Outside major tech hubs such as London, Manchester and Bristol, businesses may struggle to hire from a limited pool of tech talent on their doorstep. Offering remote working opens up opportunities to recruit globally and build a tech team based away from the office.”



Notes to editors


* UK towns and cities advertising more than 100 developer jobs on 30th May 2022, were analysed on the jobs website Adzuna, looking at the total number of developer positions being advertised and of those positions, the number that were remote roles.



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