Top in-demand tech skills and jobs for 2022

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While 2021 was very much the year of DevOps, Full-stack and Back-end engineers are in high demand in 2022. Also, JavaScript has retained its crown as the top programming language, despite emerging competition.

Developer recruitment platform CodinGame and online technical assessment platform CoderPad surveyed hundreds of tech recruiters to identify the most in-demand tech roles, technical skills, programming languages and frameworks in 2022.

Thousands of developers were also polled to see whether their aspirations and skill-sets are aligned with tech recruiters’ needs, in a candidate-driven tech jobs market.

  • Full-stack and back-end engineers most in-demand tech profiles in 2022, leapfrogging DevOps specialists
  • JavaScript is the top language requested by recruiters for the fourth year running, but emerging languages such as TypeScript are breathing down its neck
  • Most in-demand tech skills: Web Development, DevOps and Machine Learning/AI
  • Node.js, React and .NETCore remain the most popular frameworks amongst developers


Tech profiles/positions


DevOps leapfrogged Full-stack and Back-end engineers in 2021 as the most in-demand job roles, with remote working and cloud migration driving demand last year. That trend has reversed in 2022.

Full-stack and Back-end engineers are again in high demand and recruiters identify Web Development as being the most sought after technical skill this year. 

More than a third of tech recruiters (36%) polled said that they are struggling to find experienced Full-stack engineers. Similarly, 35% of recruiters said there’s strong demand for Back-end engineers.

Highly specialised jobs such as Architects, Data Scientists and Machine Learning Specialists are also an area of concern for recruiters, with a small pool of experienced developers with the necessary skill-set.

With growing demand for AI/Machine Learning skills in particular, recruiters are predicting they will face hiring difficulties in the short to medium term.


In-demand technical skills


The top three skills recruiters are looking to hire for this year are Web Development, DevOps and AI/Machine Learning.

While, the top three skills developers are most interested in learning are Game Development, Web development and AI/Machine Learning.

Unlike with programming languages, where developers seem to be in tune with market needs; developers’ interests aren’t necessarily fully aligned with the tech skills the recruiters are looking for. 

For example, recruiters lack candidates with technical skills in Cloud Computing and Data Software. But developers who were polled expressed an interest in specialising in areas such as Game Development, Blockchain and Robotics.


Programming Languages


For the fourth year running, JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language with almost half of tech recruiters (48%) surveyed requesting developers proficient in JavaScript. 

And CodinGame research suggests supply is healthy, with developers generally aware of market demand for programming languages. Almost two thirds of developers (64%) polled were proficient in JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most commonly used language in the world and is principally used for web development, to manage the behaviour of a web page, adding interactivity to a website. 

Java and Python complete the top three positions as they did in 2021. Java continues to be in high-demand because it’s the native language for Android, the operating platform for more than two billion mobile devices. Java is also highly scalable and is popular with fast growth enterprises and start-ups.  

Python has seen a resurgence in recent years, largely due to its applications in Machine Learning and Data Science. It’s a high-level, reliable, general purpose language with uses in building web applications, analysing data and developing algorithms. Python is also used for web development. 

Six-in-ten developers (59%) polled by CodinGame said they knew how to code in Python and just over half (55%) were proficient in Java.

One up-and-comer worth noting is TypeScript, which is now the 5th most in-demand programming language. A quarter of recruiters (25%) polled said that demand for TypeScript is on the rise. And while JavaScript currently dominates the software development market, there are signs that emerging languages could topple its crown in the near future. 

TypeScript is a language developed by Microsoft to fix the shortcomings of JavaScript in the development of large scale applications. It’s a language most commonly used by professional programmers, and has a multitude of benefits including allowing developers to type check their code to reveal bugs.




As per 2021, React, the Node.js, and .NETCore continue to be the most sought after frameworks by recruiters in 2022.

There is a widening gap between demand for React, the open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and the number of developers who know the framework.

While Node.js popularity is being driven by demand for Express, the most popular Node web framework. Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js. web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.  


Frederic Desmoulins, co-founder & CEO of developer recruitment platform CodinGame, comments: 

“Recruiters see Web Development as the tech skills growth area in 2022. This trend is completed by a high demand for Full-stack and Back-end engineers.  

“Alongside DevOps and AI/Machine Learning, these three skills address the need to maintain, secure and automate Cloud services. This migration has accelerated with the pandemic, and Cloud strategies are now at the heart of companies’ concerns. 

“Tech recruiters are facing an uphill battle to fill Full-stack and Back-end developer roles. It’s vital they use the resources available to them, such as online technical assessments, to widen the talent pool if they’re going to meet this demand.

“For the fourth year running, Javascript has been the most requested language by companies. The rise of emerging languages like Typescript, however, shows that business needs are evolving rapidly, asking developers to keep up with market trends to maintain their employability.”


Notes to editors

* CodinGame and CoderPad surveyed more than 14,000 developers and tech recruiters from 131 countries around the world, between October 2021 and December 2021.

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