1 in 4 jobs being advertised in the UK today are in the digital tech sector, analysis reveals

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1 in 4 jobs (24%) being advertised in the UK are in the digital tech sector, according to new research by developer recruitment platforms CoderPad and CodinGame*.

  • IT/Tech related-jobs represent 24% of total vacancies in the UK
  • Newcastle has the highest % of digital tech sector jobs than any other UK city
  • 3-in-10 roles job vacancies in Newcastle are digital tech related

Data on jobs search engine Adzuna, analysed by CodinGame and CoderPad, reveals that of the 1.3m jobs being advertised across the country, more than 300,000 are tech/IT related.

Tech sector roles make up almost three times as many available vacancies as the next most popular sector, teaching.

Of the advertised positions, over 67,000 are developer roles – software developer (37,703) and software engineer (29,441) – with almost a third of these jobs in London (21,938).


Table: Number of job vacancies across the top sectors


Number of vacancies % of total vacancies being advertised
IT/Tech 306,883 23.5%
Teaching 105,837 8.1%
Engineering 98,214 7.5%
Accounting & Finance 87,507 6.7%
Sales 85,901 6.6%

N.B Total number of job ads on Adzuna across the UK – 1,306,029


Breaking down the tech sector job ads by location, Newcastle and Edinburgh have the highest percentage of digital tech roles.

Newcastle has been identified as the fastest growing tech hubs outside London. This is reflected in the number of available vacancies in the tech sector. 

Almost three in ten roles currently being advertised in Newcastle are in the digital tech sector. Edinburgh isn’t far behind.

Edinburgh has been singled out as the next big technology hub and the tech sector accounts for 29.1% of all job vacancies in the city.

London still leads the way in terms of the number of digital tech jobs – one in five tech sector roles being advertised on Adzuna are in the capital.


Table: Top cities/towns for digital tech sector job vacancies

City/Town No. of tech sector job vacancies Total No. of vacancies Tech sector as % of Total vacancies
Newcastle 2,336 7,979 29.3%
Edinburgh 3,333 11,443 29.1%
Belfast 1,833 6,480 28.3%
Milton Keynes 2,471 8,753 28.2%
Glasgow 2,919 10,463 27.9%
Reading 2,899 10,397 27.9%
Birmingham 5,952 22,338 26.6%
Cheltenham 1,035 3,954 26.2%
Sheffield 2,353 9,176 25.6%
Cardiff 1,389 5,428 25.6%


Aude Barral, co-founder of developer recruitment platform CodinGame, comments: 


“The digital tech sector has seen incredible growth over the past two to three years, and we continue to see unprecedented demand for skilled tech workers across the sector. 

“Demand for software developers in particular is off the chart. Over a third of recruiters are planning to hire over 50 developers in 2022 and the percentage of those hiring 201-500 has more than doubled. Highly skilled developers can name their price with an abundance of offers to choose from. 

“However, if companies are going to succeed in hiring the very best developers for their tech teams, they need to recognise that offering the highest salary won’t automatically seal the deal.

“When we polled our two million strong developer community recently, they ranked a technically challenging environment and flexible working above a competitive salary.

It’s important that companies align themselves with developers’ needs and wishes, if their recruitment drive is going to bear fruit in a candidate-driven market.

“Companies must pay attention to making their recruitment process engaging from the very first steps if they want to retain applicants, for example, by offering developer-friendly remote technical interviews with adapted tools.”


Notes to editors


* CoderPad and CodinGame analysed data on jobs search engine Adzuna over the month of May 2022


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