Top 10 Alternatives to Triplebyte

It’s fairly difficult for recruiters to assess the technical skills of prospective employees when hiring for roles in software engineering. Current hiring processes for developers include algorithm questions that don’t necessarily gauge how effective an individual is at coding.

It’s time to change that.

Automated tests standardize your hiring process, test candidates thoroughly, and give you a holistic look at their skillset.

Why use technical testing software?

Specialized testing software, like CodinGame or Triplebyte, enable you to evaluate technical hires and affordably find coders who can make a real difference to your bottom-line.

Triplebyte is an HR and recruitment technology that streamlines technical hiring processes, and allows you to set relevant tests for candidates.

Whether you’re an HR manager or a technical recruiter, platforms like CodinGame make it easy to create technical coding tests for a single programming language or a full-stack situation. The software automatically analyzes candidates’ code and rates how effective it is based on metrics such as readability, design, and language expertise. After each assessment, you get a detailed test report that makes it easy to compare and shortlist promising candidates.

Technical testing platforms allow you to streamline your employment process – but that’s not all. These assessment solutions also improve candidate experience too. Candidates showcase their skills, rather than trying to explain them to HR personnel during non-technical interviews.

Solutions like CodinGame Assessment eliminate any unconscious bias during the hiring process, allowing companies to build diverse and talented teams.

With Triplebyte, companies switch from traditional technical hiring and equip their HR departments with time- and money-saving recruitment technology.

However, other testing software solutions are available, and offer in-depth assessments to test technical expertise and coding language skills. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top solutions to compare Triplebyte with.

1. CodinGame

screen and assess developers

Main CodinGame features

CodinGame enables recruiters, CTOs and HR professionals to set up campaigns in minutes. 

It’s possible to set tests for specific roles such as front-end, back-end or full-stack programmers, or assess candidates based on their expertise in a specific language. The software supports over 60 languages and frameworks. So, no matter what language you need developers to code in, you’ll be able to set a test for it.

You can create custom tests that assess candidates’ development skills in a combination of languages of your choice. You can even create your own coding questions and exercises and include gamified challenges.

CodinGame’s easy-to-use nature means that the average setup time for a campaign amounts to between 5 and 15 minutes. The company’s plagiarism detection and anti-cheating policy provide for a reliable view of candidates’ technical skills.

Plus, with the platform’s Code Playback technology (explained in the video above) recruiters gain a better understanding of how candidates think and code: they see what gave them a hard time, and get clues as to how they use external resources. 

What’s more, the game-based environment makes for a great user experience. The interactive interface results in a 97% test completion rate for candidates, who mostly rate their experience on the platform as “excellent”.

CodinGame’s dedicated reporting capabilities and automatic assessment analysis make it easy for you to compare various candidates globally, and without bias. The test scores allow you to pick the best developer for the job.

CodinGame subscription possibilities

The platform was founded in 2012. Companies can test how well CodinGame will work for their tech recruitment process using the free trial. If the 14-day trial works out for you, you can choose to get one of the following solutions:

  • Team – priced at €299 per month for growing businesses
  • Business – priced at €599 per month for high-volume recruiting
  • Enterprise – tailored to your needs and priced according to your hiring requirements

2. Codility

Codility interface

Main Codility features

Codility is another Triplebyte alternative that enables you to screen software engineers and set online assessments that check developers’ skills. 

According to Codility, their online code assessments allow you to onboard employees up to 2.5 times quicker than traditional hiring processes.

You’ll be able to detect any copied work using Codility’s anti-plagiarism feature. The software includes virtual live technical interviews that allow tech recruiters to check candidates’ proficiency at development in real-time. Your prospective employees will also be able to check the validity of their code as they write it.

You can set assessments for close to 40 different languages and frameworks using Codility. You can also set tests automatically based on a job description. However, you can’t create assessments based on specific stacks.

While Codility is relatively easy to use, it doesn’t have a reliable tracking system that enables you to keep track and understand each action your candidate takes. 

Codility subscription possibilities

Codility requires you to reach out to learn about their pricing. The platform, founded in 2009, doesn’t offer a free trial but you can request a demo online.

3. TestDome

TestDome interface

Main TestDome features

TestDome was founded in 2013 and includes ready-to-use online assessments for programming and non-programming evaluations. The programming tests enable you to understand developers’ strengths and weaknesses in coding. Simultaneously, the non-programming assessments comprise real-world problems that the prospective hire has to find solutions for.

The assessments on TestDome cover all the major programming languages developers use for front-end, back-end, and database coding. TestDome also offers general tests to check how skilled the individual is at a particular role, such as project management or digital marketing. You can create custom tests to combine assessments for various languages or roles.

TestDome subscription possibilities

TestDome offers users a free 14-day trial so companies can check whether the platform is a good fit for them before committing to a full-time purchase. However, the trial doesn’t allow you to view the answers to any questions.

The platform offers companies the opportunity to buy tests in bulk whenever they need them. Pricing ranges from $7/candidate for extensive hiring rounds for big companies to $20/candidate for smaller businesses.

4. DevSkiller

DevSkiller interface

Main DevSkiller features

DevSkiller was founded in 2013 and presents recruiters with a hiring platform that requires fewer resources than traditional methods. The company’s RealLifeTesting™ method allows you to judge prospective employees’ practical coding skills without any unconscious bias that may hamper the hiring process. You’ll build a more talented, diverse team using their technical online testing software.

The platform comprises an extensive library of over 50 frameworks and languages. You can create custom tests or set assessments for prospective hires based on their job description.

You can check programmers’ skills in real-time using the online live coding interview tool, which allows you to ask questions while the developer writes code. 

However, the platform doesn’t contain an out-of-window monitoring tool, so you can keep tabs on the actions a developer takes while completing the assessment.

DevSkiller subscription possibilities

While DevSkiller doesn’t offer free trials or precise, publicly disclosed information about their pricing, you can reach out to them for a demo. They also give a starting price of $499/month for their TalentScore screening solution.

5. HackerEarth

HackerEarth interface

Main HackerEarth features

Businesses using HackerEarth can set remote assessments and virtual hackathons.

Recruiters and hiring managers can evaluate the coding skills of experienced programmers or freshly graduated talent across 35 programming technologies. 

Users can explore HackerEarth’s question analytics and choose to add their own programming questions if need be. Each code submission is checked for logical correctness, time and memory efficiency and quality.

HackerEarth subscription possibilities

HackerEarth offers companies the chance to test the platform through a free trial. The pricing is $119/month for the “Startup Plan” and $279/month for the “Enterprise Plan”. Companies that have large hiring requirements can ask for a “Custom Plan” that’s built to scale.

6. CodeSignal

Code signal interface

Main CodeSignal features

CodeSignal was founded in 2014 as a recruitment solution that structures, automates, and scales technical hiring processes. The platform combines programming tests with online video interview tools that enable technical recruiters to consolidate the hiring process.

70+ programming languages and frameworks support CodeSignal’s task library. Its IDE includes advanced features that include syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and hotkeys.

CodeSignal subscription possibilities

The platform doesn’t offer free trials, but you can reach out to them for a demo or pricing information.

7. HireVue

HireVue interface

Main HireVue features

Founded in 2004, HireVue offers tech recruiters online assessment and video interview tools that cut down the time it takes to hire new employees by 90%. HireVue’s process is informed by industrial-organizational psychologists’ research and enables you to eliminate bias from the hiring process.

The platform comprises hiring tools for professional, technical, university-level, and public sector jobs. 

HireVue promise to simplify the recruitment process, combining the interview and assessment into a single unified experience, in less than 20 minutes.

HireVue subscription possibilities

To find out more about HireVue’s technical hiring process, you can request a demo or reach out for pricing information.

8. Coderbyte (for employers)

Coderbyte interface

Main Coderbyte features

Coderbyte is an online code assessment platform for screening, interviews, and take-home projects. 

Their product appeals to companies of all sizes looking to hire talented developers, even startup businesses with modest recruitment targets. They pride themselves on their anti-plagiarism technology and unique code editor with built-in resource search options.  

Coderbyte subscription possibilities

Coderbyte offer a free 14-day free trial if you want to test before you buy. If not, their pricing ranges from $199 to $499 per month. They also offer the possibility to pay per candidate, if you have limited hiring needs.

9. interface

Main features was founded in 2016. The technical assessment platform provides you with reliable insights into each candidate’s relevant skills in a natural coding environment. Their standardized testing methods help you compare candidates’ proficiency easily, thereby enabling you to make better decisions, faster. supports tests in 29 different languages and frameworks and allows you to create challenges based on real-life projects. subscription possibilities

You can request for a free 14-day trial that comprises five assessments, or reach out to them for pricing information.

10. HackerRank

HackerRank interface

Main HackerRank features

HackerRank has been around since 2009. The platform comprises tools for remote technical recruiters in particular. You can screen candidates quickly and conduct technical interviews for the ones shortlisted, thereby accelerating and scaling your hiring process.

The platform offers solutions for remote, diversity, professional, and university hiring. It comprises tools for planning, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and ranking candidates.

HackerRank subscription possibilities

HackerRank’s pricing plans range between $25/month (for access to interviews only) and $599/month. If you have a large business and need to scale your hiring process, you can reach out to them for a custom plan that matches your needs. HackerRank offers companies a free 14-day trial that enables you to check whether it’s a good fit for your business.

In conclusion

Technical testing platforms such as CodinGame use coding assessments and electronic technology to screen candidates before you hire them. It’s vital to use technical testing software to check how developers respond to practical problems they are likely to face while working for you, such as debugging a program.

Our game-based platform and programming assessments help you hire technically skilled, diverse teams at scale. For more information about CodinGame, reach out to us today.


There’s a better way to test coding skills.

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