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Test Wizard & random questions

Set up online coding tests perfectly suited to your recruitment needs. It takes no more than 5 clicks and no programming knowledge is needed – it’s magic!

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Assessment reports

Our technical assessment reports are easy to understand and to use, empowering non-tech recruiters. Candidates are automatically ranked and benchmarked according to their performance, producing a secure and ready-to-go shortlist. You can export and share reports with your team in CSV or PDF format.

Gamified test sessions

Ditch boring coding tests and discover the power of gamification! We’ve completely transformed the technical assessment experience by adding specifically-designed programming games to our question library. Invite your candidates to showcase their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way, while boosting their engagement and reducing their stress.

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Code Playback

With our Code Playback feature you can get a better understanding of how a candidate thinks and codes. In a nutshell, you’ll see how a candidate built their algorithm, when they left the environment, when and what they pasted from external sources and when they decided to run their code.

Our Code Playback feature is available to all CodinGame for Work users, and it’s even available in our free trial.

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Question editor

Create custom programming challenges and exercises that suit your company’s technical requirements. It’s the best way to see how a candidate will adapt to your day-to-day technical issues!

API & ATS integration

Easily integrate CodinGame Assessment with your own system or use your favorite Applicant Tracking System to manage your candidates. Don’t worry, we’re compatible with all major ATS including Greenhouse, ICIMS, BambooHR, Lever, Jobvite, and more!

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