6 Alternatives to HackerRank

The innovations and growth of technology over the last few years have been remarkable. It is evident that more companies are searching for developers, but getting the right talent is a herculean task. 

Nowadays, many platforms offer different coding tools to help businesses locate and hire the best hands for their development team. Employment technology offers recruiters the chance to hire remotely, reduces time-to-hire and makes the hiring process more transparent and free of bias.

A popular platform that provides technical testing software is HackerRank. Following its introduction in 2009, several new companies have emerged, offering exciting new features. 

According to Capterra, 75% of hiring managers now use recruiting software to make their hiring process more effective.

This article covers some of the HackerRank alternatives that hiring professionals can consider to assess a candidate’s coding skills.

Why use technical testing software?

Avoid mis-hires

Companies use technical testing software to assess the technical skills of potential candidates and determine if they’re proficient in a role’s coding requirements.

Assessment software like HackerRank or CodinGame Assessment provide different programming language choices, tests with varying levels of difficulty, and an objective assessment and ranking of candidates’ performance.

Using technical testing software as part of the candidate selection process provides companies with a better overview of job applicants. Companies can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants in the preliminary recruitment stages and get better hiring results by finding and choosing developers that have proven their skills for the open position.

An Aberdeen Group study shows that companies that use skill assessment tools are 36% more likely to be pleased with their hired candidates.

Make technical screening easier and faster

The ease that these coding tools bring to the hiring process has made them very popular. Even recruiters with little or no technical background can test the success potential of a candidate for a particular tech role.

Most technical testing software is intuitive. Worldwide online test campaigns can be configured and sent out in minutes, saving recruiters and hiring managers precious time. 

Provide for great candidate experience

For developers, solving coding tests or finding solutions to different challenges and puzzles improves their problem-solving skills, prepares them for interviews and keeps them up to date with the workings of a programming language. They enjoy getting stuck into game-based evaluations that give a fair screenshot of their skills.

Candidates will remember companies that issue relative, tech-friendly, fun coding tests for the right reasons.

Which is best, HackerRank or HackerEarth?

HackerRank has been around for more than a decade and is certainly a highly sought-after platform, by developers and employers alike.

HackerRank has been around for more than a decade and is certainly a highly sought-after platform, by developers and employers alike.

HackerRank provides plentiful coding challenges, assessments and resources. Nevertheless, some complain about the lengthy or poorly-presented questions, while others are not exactly impressed by the platform’s interface for coding tests.

HackerEarth and HackerRank are two platforms that are often confused for each other. They offer companies solutions for screening and hiring developers. They both allow employers to send a technical test invite to candidates. HackerRank pricing starts at $249 per month, while HackerEarth’s plans start at $119 per month. They both offer free trials.

During an assessment of the two platforms, reviewers judged assessments from HackerEarth easier to create, use and administer. Also, HackerEarth provides better ongoing product support, roadmaps and feature updates, compared to HackerRank. However, many businesses salute HackerRank’s fame among developers and feel that the technical skills platform that HackerRank provides is more fitting and developer-friendly than HackerEarth.

HackerRank alternative: CodinGame

Looking to objectively and reliably benchmark developers while providing excellent candidate experience? CodinGame is the way to go.

Founded in 2012, CodinGame offers technical assessment software that allows companies to easily and quickly validate candidates’ technical skills for various technical roles.

Who’s CodinGame for?

Intuitive, non-boring and tech-friendly, CodinGame Assessment suits all hiring organizations; from startups to multinationals.

Those with little or no technical knowledge love how easy it is to evaluate coding skills. Those who are tech-savvy, love that you can also take things to the next level with custom questions and a shared live code editor. 

Top CodinGame Assessment features

  • Intuitive integrated question editor

CodinGame makes setting up a test easy with their integrated question editor that recruiters can use to create personalized coding challenges and screening assessments in multiple languages. In just a few minutes, the screening test is set up and ready to go.

screen and assess developers
  • Code playback

Users also have access to multiple state-of-the-art features like CodinGame’s code playback. This development provides recruiters with further insights into the way candidates think and code. On top of a detailed results report, recruiters can choose to watch back a recording of their candidate’s code. They’ll see exactly how the candidate built their algorithm, when they left the environment, when and what they pasted from external sources and when they decided to run their code.

  • Comparative scoring

CodinGame’s Comparative Score technology also contributes to fair, and reliable screening. The comparative score doesn’t tell recruiters how well a candidate did in his or her test, but rather how well they did compared to other developers.

Thanks to the vast CodinGame community of developers and the Artificial Intelligence behind this score, recruiters are able to rank developers against other potential candidates and make intelligent hiring decisions.

Other features include multiple user accounts, an extensive tasks library, bulk candidate import, customizable branding, automatic plagiarism detection and shareable test reports.

What makes CodinGame unique?

What’s really unique about CodinGame is their gamified approach to technical screening. Their development team includes former employees of leading video game studios. They use their experience to create creative coding tests that are tech-friendly and excite developers. 

codingame laptop

CodinGame continuously strive to make tech hiring fairer and less tedious for developers, while providing recruiters with a way to save time and avoid mis-hires

CodinGame drawbacks

One thing to be aware of when looking into CodinGame is the difference between their two platforms. Indeed, there can be some confusion when it comes to CodinGame’s activities. 

To clear things up: CodinGame.com is an online platform where over 2 million fans of code from around the world sharpen their programming skills, for free, by playing games and solving puzzles.

On the other hand, CodinGame for Work is an online technical recruitment platform. CodinGame Assessment is one part of this platform and the company’s flagship product: a pre-employment technical testing solution. Recruiters use CodinGame Assessment to evaluate developers’ technical skills as part of their screening process.

How much does CodinGame cost?

CodinGame offers a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $299 per month.

CodinGame Assessment also allows API integration with third-party recruitment platforms like SmartRecruiters, Talentsoft and BambooHR for applicant tracking. 


Codility has been around since 2009 and is considered one of the more resilient HackerRank alternatives. 

Who’s Codility for?

Codilty is an intelligent choice for large organizations requiring robust compliance. Also, hiring managers with minimal tech experience will find the technical assessment tool usable.

Top Codility features

Users can choose from template tests or create their own assessments. Codility have excellent features to curb cheating, including scanning the internet for possible plagiarism. 

What makes Codility unique? 

One major differentiating factor of Codility, compared to HackerRank, is that they present themselves as a platform for hiring senior engineers, meaning this might not be the best place to find young and fresh developers

Codility drawbacks

Although tests are customizable, some developers think that Codility assessments fail to provide a relevant and accurate overview of what a role requires.

How much does Codility cost?

Codility offers a free trial, and pricing information is only provided upon request.


Who’s TestDome for?

TestDome, launched in 2013, offers a cloud-based technical skill assessment solution for businesses. They screen applicants and help IT professionals handle recruitment processes. 

Top TestDome features

TestDome is a pre-employment testing platform that utilizes evidence-based employment testing to enhance the hiring process. Hiring managers can test candidates with templated test questions that cover everything from coding to general knowledge.

The features available on the platform include batch invitations, comprehensive reports, grading, anti-cheating, and multi-user accounts.

Also, TestDome provides API access so employers can integrate with an applicant tracking system like SmartRecruiters. 

What makes TestDome unique? 

TestDome provide templated tests and suggest using their evaluations as the very first step in the hiring process. They’re great for companies wanting to assess a large volume of applicants, in record time.

TestDome drawbacks

However, the tests are generally rather short and sweet. TestDome assessments make for a useful initial filter, however they can lack thoroughness.

How much does TestDome cost?

There is a free version and free trial option available. The pricing starts at $100 and depends on the number of candidates/assessments.


Triplebyte is a fast-growing tech recruitment and screening platform founded in 2015. It provides a tech-oriented solution for growing companies and allows programmers to showcase their skills.

Who’s Triplebyte for?

Although small or medium-sized businesses can use Triplebyte, their services are a better fit for larger companies with plenty resources.

Top Triplebyte features

Triplebyte models itself as a hiring marketplace, but it differentiates itself from other platforms by providing a comprehensive and intensive technical screening process that eliminates unqualified or inexperienced applicants.

Essentially, Triplebyte allows companies to hire candidates for part-time or full-time roles.

What makes Triplebyte unique? 

Unlike platforms like Fiverr, Triplebyte is not open to anyone. Instead, there is a screening process for hiring managers, which includes an online quiz, phone screening, and an online coding challenge. 

The networking and system design questions guarantee only qualified engineers reach the final stage of the recruitment process. Companies can then register on the platform and find the talents they need, such as DevOps, front-end or back-end developers or iOS developers.

Triplebyte drawbacks

Triplebyte is a rather selective platform. Therefore, the solution tends to appeal to larger technology companies (in the Bay Area or New York City, for example).

Often, this excludes smaller firms that need to hire developers, but who struggle to offer sky-high salaries to developers competing for coveted positions in established or multinational firms. 

How much does Triplebyte cost?

The pricing structure is available upon request and depends on your company’s size and requirements.


DevSkiller was founded in 2013 as a candidate assessment platform to make the recruitment of technical talents easier for enterprises. The technical assessment software tests applicants’ coding skills and knowledge of certain frameworks and libraries used by the hiring company.

Who’s DevSkiller for?

DevSkiller is a solution for talent management teams and technical leaders.

Top DevSkiller features

DevSkiller allows hiring managers to determine their needs, select a preset exam or create a personalized test that mirrors the company’s working environment.

Candidates can complete the exam on the platform, or offline by downloading the guidelines. Recruiters can then view and score the test and decide which candidates will progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. 

Major features include talent management, employee assessment, coding challenges and advanced reporting.

What makes DevSkiller unique? 

DevSkiller allows businesses to boost employees’ morale and monitor their performance while providing data for skill management decisions.

DevSkiller drawbacks

Some users feel that the DevSkiller platform could be more intuitive and sleek.

How much does DevSkiller cost?

One of the pricier options, DevSkiller pricing starts at $499 per month, billed annually.

In conclusion

This list gives you HackerRank alternatives to consider. Bear in mind that you need to be sure of your requirements and choose an option that provides all the key features you’re looking for.

With an excellent technical assessment platform like CodinGame or HackerRank, you can identify the best tech talent for your firm and minimize the hassle that comes with finding a match.


There’s a better way to test coding skills.

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