Welcome to the HR in Tech Blog!

Welcome to CodinGame's HR Tech blog

When you ask people which they think are the coolest jobs in the office, HR doesn’t usually come to mind. Sexiest jobs? Forget it. Unfortunately, the old stigma that HR is boring and outdated still persists.

You and I both know that this isn’t the case today. After all, human resources deal with humans — the most intelligent species on the planet; this is why HR is so complex.

Let’s spice it up with a bit of tech. When working in the tech recruiting field, not only do you get to hear interesting requests and juicy news regarding your company’s employees, you also get to work on many hot topics. Gender diversity. HR Tech. IT Recruitment. Developer Engagement & Retention. Company Culture. Employer Branding. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Tech recruiting is changing fast

“Competing for tech talent is about understanding your market, knowing what your current and prospective employees are looking for, and doing your best to create the environment that attracts the right workers to your company.” – Stacey Carroll, Principal Consultant at Payscale 

HR, more specifically HR in tech, has evolved BIG time. Tech talent wars are now a thing. More importantly, HR is no longer just a spectator in a company’s strategy; it can be the driving force in implementing new initiatives and changing how a company operates through its people and culture. So, why aren’t more people pumped about HR like we are?!

We love HR and tech recruiting!

This is why CodinGame for Work brings you the HR in Tech Blog — your new watering hole for non-boring HR talk. Through this space, we hope to revolutionize the way people talk about HR while helping you stay on top of your tech recruiting game with industry news and tips from experts.

Become the best tech recruiter you can be

Since 2012, CodinGame has been helping developers hone their programming skills with fun coding challenges. Our community has now grown to 1 million programmers scattered all over the world. By learning what makes them tick, we’ve been able to help them find their dream jobs.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve worked with HR departments from a wide array of industries to find and retain their tech talent. We’ve helped companies such as Nintendo, Booking, Warner Bros and eBay, to name a few, to source and screen their candidates. We’ve also helped companies like Amadeus and Oodrive organize fun and innovative team building activities for developers.  

Tech recruiting made fun and addictive

Because sharing is caring, we’d like to share with you the HR and tech recruiting knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. If you have some valuable and interesting HR tips or tricks that you’d like to share with us HR in tech enthusiasts, please get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by – until next time!


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