Unleash World 2019: The Biggest International HR Conference

We will be at Unleash World 2019 in Paris on the 22nd and 23rd of October! Hoorah! ?

You’ll find us at booth #806. Why not come see us for a chat? You can book your slot now.

The big event is only a few months away, so here’s the CodinGame lowdown.

What is Unleash World 2019 all about?

Unleash, formerly HR Tech World, made their debut as a start-up in 2011 and have since grown into the largest corporate network focused on the Future of Work and HR Technology. Their events bring all kinds of people and organizations together: from big brands to startups, from technology providers to influencers, from media to next-gen innovators.

With big names (Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Sir Ken Robinson, Rachel Botsman, Gary Vaynerchuk) and big locations (Unleash Amsterdam, Unleash London, Unleash Las Vegas), Unleash have put themselves firmly on the HR Tech world map.

What to expect from the Unleash Paris conference

Unleash World 2019 will be held at the (newly renovated!) Paris Convention Center in Porte De Versailles (1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris) on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2019. Leaders, influencers, decision makers and experts will attend, representing diverse organizations from over 120 countries worldwide.

Paris Convention Center Porte de Versailles
Paris Convention Center, Porte de Versailles, recently renovated and ready to wow!

The focus for this year’s event is the “Future of Work” and “Workforce Technology”. Keynote speakers include Janina Kugel from Siemens, Cédric Jamme from Airbus and Katarina Berg from Spotify.

The event will play host to a carefully curated group of inspirational speakers, who will take to the iconic French venue’s stages to discuss everything HR Tech. Subjects include:

  • Digital transformation (AI, mind shifts, innovation, learning and development)
  • Workforce analytics (people analytics, data, strategic talent functions)
  • Employer branding (candidate experience, HR marketing)
  • Recruitment (unconscious bias, interview bots, diversity recruiting)
  • Talent management (people performance, people organization, agile methods)
  • Retention (benefits and rewards, retention and budget)
  • Diversity and inclusion (recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), fair pay, gender diversity)

Why we wouldn’t miss it for the world

We are oh so excited to be an Unleash 2019 exhibitor. We’re all about HR and Tech – so we know we’ll feel right at home.

HR has been making a lot of noise in the past couple of years. Business habits and processes are evolving – but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Our solution reflects a real desire to be part of the shift towards recruitment based on skills, rather than on traditional criteria (resumes, qualifications, etc.). But we won’t stop there! We’re determined to be part of the HR revolution and earn our stripes as one of the actors leading change in HR and Tech.

We can’t wait to meet people from all over the world to discuss your problems and needs. We’re excited to nourish our development with ideas and feedback from a wonderful array of people. Unleash 2019 is our way of keeping up with the fast-evolving HR Tech market. We’ll be right there soaking in the innovative ideas and the atmosphere. We’ll be on the hunt for new trends and sources of future disruption.

What we think you should check out

Unleash stage
Unleash: so much to do and see

There’ll be a lot going on at Unleash World 2019. We mean a lot. There’s no way any one person could possibly see everything there is to see. We have carefully checked out the conference’s agenda. Here’s what we recommend trying to fit in if you’re attending the event:

Diversity and Inclusion: Imperative for Promise of Intelligent Technologies

When: Day 1, 11:15
Where: Room W04
Who: Francois Bornibus

“The fourth industrial revolution is here. New technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more are changing how we live. With the fabric of our global society more diverse than ever before, this technology revolution must be inclusive.”

The Evolving Role of the CHRO

When: Day 1, 14:30
Where: Room E03
Who: Katarina Berg, Katelin Holloway, Joy Xu, Laurent Choain

“The field of HR is at a turning point. The rise of 21st-century HR has given birth to a new breed of HR executives. Today’s CHRO often has a non-linear career path and a broad skill set to help their organizations navigate increasingly complex global challenges. They’re reinventing HR as a strategic function essential to an organization’s success and paving the way for the next generation of HR executives.” 

The Evolution of HR: Hacking the Digital Transformation Conundrum

When: Day 1, 16:00
Where: Main stage
Who: Janina Kugel

“Digitalization is reshaping the world before our eyes. The pace of these changes will only accelerate in the years to come as people begin to use technology and data in unprecedented ways. Janina Kugel, CHRO at Siemens, will share how the company’s HR function has evolved in order to get a global organization with roughly 380,000 people ready for the future.” 

Brand matters. Experience matters.

When: Day 2, 11:45
Where: Expo floor
Who: Joel Cheesman, Chad Sowash

“The problem 1) Your brand sucks. 2) Your candidate experience sucks. 3) You are losing great talent every damn day! Join The Chad & Cheese – HR’s most dangerous podcast – as they drill down on employer branding and candidate experience.”

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

When: Day 2, 16:15
Where: Main stage
Who: Erin Meyer

“As today’s business world becomes ever-more global, executives are expected to work harmoniously together with counterparts from a broad array of cultures and backgrounds, often without leaving their desks. In this talk, Erin Meyer offers a highly practical and timely perspective on one of today’s most pressing business issues: how do different cultures influence the way to do business when working globally?”

CodinGame’s Booth

When: All day!
Where: Booth #806
Who: CodinGame’s (awesome) team

That’s right, we’d be absolutely thrilled to see you. Come along for a chat. We’ll be discussing HR Tech and Tech Recruiting, organizing live demos, giving product tours, answering questions and all that good stuff. Looking to source, screen and retain the best developers? Book your slot now!

See you there!


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