How to Find & Hire an AngularJS Developer in 2021

AngularJS popularity is on the decline, and the number of developers learning the framework is falling. Yet a vast number of websites still use the Angular framework, including Google, YouTube, and GitHub.

Finding a good AngularJS developer in today’s tech talent market is more challenging than ever.

Most of the small pool of good AngularJS developers out there are already employed.

How can you find AngularJS developers who are available now? How can you attract the best AngularJS developers who are already engaged with other projects? This article will show you where to look and what to look for.

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What is an AngularJS developer?

The definition of an AngularJS developer is a software developer who creates the front end of web applications using the JavaScript and HTML-based framework called AngularJS.

AngularJS is one of the most popular web front-end frameworks in use today.

Angular works differently to most other front-end frameworks in that developers can make changes to an Angular application’s user interface by changing attributes of HTML elements, rather than by changing code in a script.

Most other front-end frameworks require a lot of JavaScript code to make the same user interface changes that Angular can achieve with just a few HTML edits.

Angular is used to create single-page applications (SPAs). SPAs are web applications that load everything that a user might need in one single page load. You won’t see any page reloads when navigating around a single-page application after the initial page load. The user experience of a SPA is often described as “snappy”.

How much does an Angular developer make?

The cost of hiring an AngularJS developer varies depending on whether you hire an employee full-time or a freelancer on a short-term contract.

Cost of a full-time Angular developer

The average salary of an Angular developer in the US is around $72,000 or $45 per hour, according to PayScale. Only 25% of US Angular developer salaries are less than $64,000. On the top end of the scale, 25% of US Angular developers earn more than $95,000.

See the average salary of an Angular developer in your own country at PayScale.

Hiring a full-time AngularJS developer has costs on top of salary, like contributions to their retirement and taxes.

Pros of hiring a full-time Angular developer

  • Your employees learn your goals and values.
  • Your employees will communicate with you using your preferred tools.

Cons of hiring a full-time Angular developer

  • An employee may cost a lot to terminate if they don’t end up performing as you’d hoped.
  • An employee will likely want you to provide them with software licenses and computer equipment to do their work.
  • You have to pay an employee regardless of their workload.

Cost of a freelance Angular developer

Freelance AngularJS developers are usually more expensive per hour when compared with full-time employees. Why? Because freelancers have to pay more expenses themselves, so they tend to charge more to compensate for that.

Freelancers don’t have an employer to contribute to their taxes and pay for their equipment.

On average, around the world, the hourly rate for a freelance Angular developer is $61 to $80, according to Arc.

Pros of hiring a freelance Angular developer

  • You only pay a freelancer when you need them.
  • A freelancer’s contract can quickly be terminated if they don’t perform as needed.
  • A freelancer pays their own tax contributions, sick pay, and all other costs.
  • You have the flexibility of hiring freelance AngularJS developers with varying skill levels to match the difficulty of your projects, rather than committing to a single developer.

Cons of hiring a freelance Angular developer

  • A freelancer could give up on your project without notice.
  • Freelancers are free to work for as many clients as they want, which can result in reduced time and attention for your project.
  • A freelancer may not speak the same language as you, so communication could be an issue.
  • Freelancers don’t always follow standard documentation rules. Other Angular developers might have difficulty working with their code in the future.

Where can I find AngularJS developers?

These are the best places to find AngularJS developers who can deliver on your application:

  1. CodinGame
  2. Freelancer platforms
  3. AngularJS developer communities
  4. Q&A websites
  5. Code repositories
  6. Social media
  7. In-person and remote networking

CodinGame Sourcing

First and foremost, check out CodinGame Sourcing. CodinGame Sourcing will match you with top AngularJS developers who are likely to want to work on your project.

Powerful matching algorithms will connect you directly with developers who actually want to be contacted. 

You can try CodinGame Sourcing today for free!

Freelancer platforms

Upwork and Freelancer, the biggest freelance job websites, are filled with AngularJS developers. The downside of these large freelance sites is that most applicants are under-qualified. There are some top AngularJS developers on these sites. You’ll just need to put in extra work to screen developers to find the best ones.

Stop Upwork and Freelancer and visit Toptal and TopCoder if you’re willing to pay more for the convenience of pre-screened developers. AngularJS developers need to submit a full project and pass a series of advanced technical knowledge tests to be accepted onto Topal. So, you know you’ll be dealing only with pros.

There are plenty of other freelance job website options, such as YouTeam, Codeable,, 10X Management, WeWorkRemotely, and Guru.

AngularJS developer communities

Another hotspot for AngularJS developers is online discussion forums.

Some of the best AngularJS discussion forums are on Hashnode, Codementor, and Reddit.

13.4k developers follow #angularjs on

Developers come to these forums to ask AngularJS questions, get the latest news about AngularJS, and discuss their personal projects.

Search through these forums and find AngularJS developers who are active and answer a lot of questions. These are the passionate developers who love to learn about AngularJS continuously. Reach out to them and offer them your job opportunity.

Generic programming Q&A websites

The AngularJS sections of more generic programming Q&A sites have tons of experienced AngularJS developers. 

The biggest programming Q&A website in the world is StackOverflow.

Search through some AngularJS questions on StackOverflow, paying attention to the authors of the answers. Reach out to whoever writes top-voted answers frequently.

Code repositories

Developers of all experience levels share their AngularJS projects on public code repositories.

The most popular public code repository is GitHub. Code enthusiasts vote for their favorite projects based on how imaginative, neat, or innovative the projects are. 

Look out for the AngularJS projects with the most votes. The publishers of these projects will most likely be expert AngularJS programmers.

You can find the most recent popular AngularJS projects on GitHub’s trending page.

Social media

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for finding top AngularJS developers quickly.

LinkedIn has the unique feature of allowing you to search for people by skill. You can find AngularJS developers by searching for the AngularJS skill.

Another great feature of LinkedIn is that developers can list their skills on their LinkedIn profiles. Other developers can then endorse those skills. You know that any AngularJS developer with highly endorsed skills is worth reaching out to.

In-person and remote networking

Attend techie networking events, especially if you want to hire more than one AngularJS developer.

Some of the largest AngularJS events are ng-conf, AngularConnect, and DevReach. You can see a long list of AngularJS events here.

Aside from AngularJS-specific events, you can attend university and college career events. The best part about these events is you can attract student developers who don’t know how in-demand they are yet.

In-person events give you the opportunity to attract the best AngularJS developers in creative ways. Some events allow you to set up a booth where you can put on a bit of a show. You can set up an interactive experience, like a VR game. Developers will come over to talk to you and they’ll remember you after the event is over.

The 5 best places to find an AngularJS developer

  1. CodinGame Sourcing

One of the easiest ways to find a top AngularJS developer is to use CodinGame Sourcing.

CodinGame has access to countless top software developers, many of which are AngularJS experts.

CodinGame Sourcing’s powerful matching algorithms can quickly connect you with the best AngularJS developer for your needs, saving you the hassle of searching for one yourself.

You can try it for free now.

  1. GitHub

Search GitHub for AngularJS projects. Reach out to the publishers of the projects with the most up-votes.

The projects with lots of up-votes have been voted for by the developer community as being the most exciting or innovative.

GitHub stickers
GitHub is a gold mine for AngularJS-savvy developers

While the developers who made the top AngularJS projects aren’t guaranteed to be experts, they’re worth reaching out to, at least for an interview.

  1. Toptal

Toptal accepts only the best freelance developers onto its platform. Toptal claims that only 3% of developers pass its entry tests. So, you can be sure that anyone you hire from Toptal is the real deal.

An AngularJS programmer has to successfully complete a full, unique project set by Toptal as part of their application to the platform.

You can trial a Toptal AngularJS programmer without the risk of having to pay them if they underperform.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is full of developers of all skill levels. You can find AngularJS developers by searching for developers who have AngularJS listed as a skill.

So many people are recruiting on LinkedIn. Other recruiters are fighting over developers’ time. You need to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your message is relevant and personal. Mention a specific project the developer has worked on in the past.

  1. AngularJS conferences

The AngularJS framework is one of the most popular web development frameworks. There are many events for enthusiasts to attend, such as ng-conf, AngularConnect, and DevReach

You can meet loads of top developers at these events. You know for sure that every developer attending one of these events is passionate about the framework.

Many in-person events have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can always source developers remotely while you wait for live events to resume. You can hold online career fairs, recruitment webinars, and virtual information seminars promoting your job opportunities.

You could even hold an online development competition, such as CodinGame’s Clash of Code. Invite developers to attend and see which know AngularJS the best.

AngularJS developers of any experience level are difficult to find due to the declining interest in the framework among software developers.

To find AngularJS developers, you need to know which events they attend and websites they use. Where are you going to start your search?


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