[Infographic] Developer Retention: 6 Ways to Show Developers You Care

87% of employers say that improving retention is a critical priority for their organization.

We get you! After struggling to find a talented developer – you don’t want to lose them to another company. Or worse, to a competitor (yes, it’s a risk – according to Stack Overflow, 62% of developers are open to new opportunities).

So what should you pay attention to? How can you show your developers you care and make them want to stick around?

CodinGame developer retention infographic

1. Give them meaningful projects to work on

Give developers the necessary context to understand their projects. Developers will generally show more interest in meaningful programming. Knowing the impact their work will have for business or clients will motivate your tech team.

2. Trust them

“Employees that spend time in a “high-trust environment” say they feel 76% more engaged in their jobs.” – Harvard Business Review

Trust and empower your tech team to get the job done and take part in decisions. Taking notice of their input and trusting their expertise will not only make them feel happier and more involved but will also lead to informed strategic decisions.

3. Give them room to grow

“Learning new things is what matters most to 68% of developers.” – CodinGame Survey

The realm of computer programming is continuously evolving. Provide your developers with the opportunity to nurture their skills and learn new things. Your team will revel in the challenge and your business will benefit.

4. Provide them with the right tools

If you want exceptional results, you can’t provide mediocre tools. From hardware to technologies, the tools you provide your tech team with should help them move forward, not hold them back.

5. Give them recognition

“79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving.” – O.C Tanner

It’s hugely important to acknowledge your developers’ good work. Show your tech team that their contributions are valued. Express your appreciation and encourage others to do the same.

6. Challenge them

“76.7% of developers take part in hackathons because they find it enjoyable.” – Stack Overflow

A good dollop of creativity and problem-solving addiction goes into computer programming. Developers love a good challenge. Company contests (or hackathons) are an exhilarating way to delight your tech team.


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