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How it works
1. Post a job
Create your job ad and set up your job matching criteria (technology, location, skill level).
2. We make the match
Our match-making algorithm will display your job ad to relevant profiles: you only receive applications that match your requirements.
3. Engage with candidates
Contact applicants who best meet your expectations, on the basis of their CodinGamer skill profile.
Why it works
We’re a tech community
Tech talents are not on job boards, but they’re playing on We help you engage with them, playfully.
Data-driven matchmaking
As they solve challenges, CodinGamers build their programmer portfolio and can apply to job offers which match their skill level, beyond the resume.
Reach passive job seekers
Top developers are hardly ever looking for a job. We allow you to reach those passive candidates.
Gamified recruitment
Your job listing will be displayed to developers as a reward, when they successfully complete a challenge.
Manage all your applicants from your recruiter Dashboard
Edit your job ad and your matching criteria at any time
Track the impact of your campaign in real time
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