Insightful results analysis

Get an accurate snapshot of candidates’ technical strengths and weaknesses with our in-depth test reports.

Code playback

Get a better understanding of how your developer candidates think and code.

  • Watch candidates build their algorithm, assess their thought process and coding reflexes
  • Take note of what you’d like to build on in further discussions
  • Spot any suspicious behavior

Score by skills and technology

Go further than “right or wrong”. Our detailed scoring provides you with the granularity you need to decide which candidates should move forward in your hiring process.

  • Evaluate design, reliability, language knowledge, etc.
  • Inspect the detail of each question and respective points
  • Adjust skill weight and/or create your own custom skills

Test reports

Get a comprehensive view of developers’ hard skills, technical knowledge and coding logic. Feel confident about the candidates you choose to move to the next stage of your hiring pipeline.

  • Share simplified feedback with candidates or colleagues
  • Dive into a question-by-question breakdown for in-depth technical analysis
  • Gain solid technical basis for further discussion

Comparative score

Objectively benchmark developers against others in their field, thanks to statistical data we collect from hundreds of thousands of tests.

  • Evaluate developers’ skill level, regardless of varying test difficulty
  • Compare candidates across multiple technologies
  • Empower non-technical recruiters to accurately interpret test results

Candidate dashboard

Manage, compare and filter applicants, thanks to your intuitive dashboard.
  • Spot strong candidates at a glance
  • Sort developers by skills or score
  • Use custom tags to categorize candidates

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