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What will I learn?


This puzzle makes you efficiently backtrack through a decision tree, and learn to prune this tree based on a heuristic.

Storing your problem to an efficient data structure will help you optimize your solution


Focus on a Puzzle: There Is No Spoon 2 by CyberLemonade


You need to solve a game of Hashiwokakero, building bridges between cells of a grid, forming a graph. In order to solve this problem, you will need an efficient way to store possible solutions for each step, and backtrack through this possibilities in order to find the optimal one.

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Zion is being attacked from everywhere. The last free humans count on you to enhance the triggering mechanism of the APUs (Armored Personal Unit) in order to give humanity a decisive tactical advantage. Second phase: improve the power supply circuit of the APU without making any short circuit or overheating the system.


This puzzle is part of a series of two exercises proposed during the “There is no Spoon” contest. Before you solve it, try out the first level, « There Is No Spoon - Episode 1 ».

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