How does it work?

Clash of Code is a special multiplayer game mode where you can challenge your friends, schoolmates or coworkers to short coding battles (from 5 to 15 minutes max).

When entering the Clash of Code arena, you are sent to the Clash lobby, where you wait for other players to join you in the game.
Once enough players have joined (at least two people), the Clash starts.

To speed up the process, you can also invite CodinGamers you follow or friends to join your Clash by sharing its link.
To win the Clash, you need to pass all test cases in the given time.

Clash of Code Modes

There are different Clash of Code modes for you to play with. When launching or joining a Clash, a mode is selected randomly between 3 modes. In each mode you will want to pass the maximum number of tests, but they also add some challenging rules:

  • fastest

    You must complete the puzzle as fast as possible.

  • shortest

    You need to write the lowest code size. Take your time hack your way to the shortest solution!

  • reverse

    You have to guess what to do by observing the provided set of tests.

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