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You have made a game, and want the NPCs to talk, even if it is non-sensical. Being lazy you don't want to write out all the non-sensical statements so you've decided to create a text generator. Fortunately you have a bunch of text to use as training data.

You will build a classic n-gram Markov chain using sample text. Researching online what a Markov chain is, what an n-gram is, and how to apply this to text is part of your quest.

Given the text t=
one fish is good and no fish is bad and that is it

And an n-gram depth d=2 we iterate over the text and generate the Markov chain like so
Step 1 : 'one fish' => ['is']
Step 2 : 'fish is' => ['good']
Step 3 : 'is good' => ['and']
Step 4 : 'good and' => ['no']
Step 5 : 'and no' => ['fish']
Step 6 : 'no fish' => ['is']
We saw 'fish is' in step 2, so in step 7 we append the new value
Step 7 : 'fish is' => ['good','bad']
Step 8 : 'is bad => ['and']
and so on until all the text is processed and added to the lookup

We now can generate text. For a phrase of output length l=5 starting with the seed text s=
fish is
we may generate one of the two follow phrases randomly
fish is good and no
fish is bad and that

Because when 'fish is' looked up, we choose either 'good' or 'bad' randomly. All the rest of the text is deterministic.

For random selection you will use the following pseudo code for 'randomly' picking from options for the next state even if there only exists 1 options.

random_seed = 0
function pick_option_index( num_of_options ) {
random_seed += 7
return random_seed % num_of_options

In the above example, the first lookup returns ['good','bad']. There are 2 options. Call pick_option_index(2) which will return 7%2 = 1. Therefor we append 'bad' to our output sentence and continue from there calling pick_option_index for every lookup even if there is only 1 option.

Line 1: The text which contains only the letters from a-z and spaces.
Line 2: n-gram depth , an integer value from 1 to 10
Line 3: The desired output length , an integer value from 1 to 100
Line 4: The seed text
Line 1: The text starting with the seed text and in total will have length words separated by spaces
text length in characters ≤ 1000
1 ≤ depth ≤ 10
depthlength ≤ 100
seed length in characters ≤ 1000
one fish is good and no fish is bad and that is it
fish is
fish is bad and

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