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Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.


 The Game

You are currently trapped in a weird place with a random person, who seems SUSpicious and tries to keep a distance between you and him. You have to find him and ask what is going on. Try to navigate yourself through the obstacles to catch up with the moving sus man.


The map is a 10x10 board, where each grid block is either a wall block or a floor block. Each character, you and the sus man, can only move in 4 directions—straight UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. In each turn, a legal move is to move in those 4 directions for 1 block length without end up going inside a wall block or going out of the map border.

Initialization Input

Before you take the first turn, you are given an input of 11 lines. The first line is an integer K representing after how many turns the sus man will make another move. The next 10 lines are a 10x10 two-dimensional char array. '*' represents a wall block and '-' represents a floor block. The uppercase characters 'P' represent your spawning location, and 'E' represent the sus man’s spawning location.

Input For a Game Turn

At the start of each turn, you will receive an input containing 2 integers in the same line, eneY and eneX, representing, respectively, the sus man’s vertical and horizontal coordinates. If the sus man is at the upper-left corner of the map, both eneY and eneX should have the value 0. If sus man goes DOWN for a block length, eneY will increase for 1. If sus man goes RIGHT for a block length, eneX will increase for 1.

The sus man will make a move in response to your move, but with a cold down. K turns after the sus man’s last move sus man will make another move. In the first turn, sus man always makes a move. When sus man makes a move, he stays STILL or goes UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT for a distance of 1 block. Among these 5 choices, sus man will always make the one which will result in the greatest distance to the player in this turn.


To end a turn, you should output an uppercase character from 'U', 'D', 'L', 'R' to indicate your move of respectively going UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT for a distance of 1 block length.

Wrong Output

  • After you make the move you are standing inside a floor block, or being out of bound (in this case your x or y coordinate is negative or strictly greater than 9).
  • Not outputting a character which is uppercase 'U', 'D', 'L', 'R'.

 Expert Rules

The algorithm for the sus man is dumb, and there is always a way to catch up.

Victory Conditions
  • After you make the move of the turn (when the sus man has not responded yet), the current floor block you are on shares a side with the sus man’s current floor block.
Loss Conditions
  • Exceed the turn limit of 100.
  • Go out of bound (x or y coordinate is negative or strictly greater than 9)
  • Stand inside a wallblock
0 < eneY < 10
0 < eneX < 10
0 < K < 4

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE