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What will I learn?

This multiplayer game is a really good start to artificial intelligence. Since the rules are really simple, you can create your artificial intelligence with only few lines of code and improve it step by step.

From the next 8 blocks and the current state of your grid and your opponent's one, your code should define the location and rotation of the current block to generate maximum points.

You must maximize your winning state and minimize the losing move using the MinMax algorithm. To do so, you must extrapolate the combos that you and your opponents will do in the next rounds.


Finally, artificial intelligence games are based on your capacity to be creative. Observe, adapt, improve, and share with the community to create a powerful AI.

Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.


This multiplayer programming game plays out on a grid, where you have to group blocks of color together, make them explode, and try to chain explosions. Try to simulate the upcoming turns to find out the best solution to play, and chain combos.

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE