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What will I learn?

Created by 3 CodinGamers, AntiSquid, Illedan, and Wildum. Botters of the Galaxy is the second challenge crafted by the community!

The multiple rules allow you to test several different strategies. The game, which is hard to completely simulate, lets a good chance to solutions using heuristics.

Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.


The game is played on a map 1920 units wide and 750 units high with 2 players.

Each player controls one or two heroes of their choice, which they pick before the game begins.

The teams start out on opposite sides of the road stretching along the map.

An allied tower is placed for each team next to their starting position. Each player must protect their own tower while trying to destroy their opponent's tower.

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE


The armored towers rose above the desolated area, stretching into the collapsing skies of two fusing pocket universes.

Droves of mighty raccoons broke the silence as they emerged from their strongholds where they had been lying in wait. Now relentlessly marching forward into the rocky desert, they sought to destroy the intruders.

The intruders were the ones who came to take down the dark armies and put a stop to their conquest.

When the boulder-sized fist hit, it was hard and unforgiving. Their bodies were flung away, clearing the path. A skillful lance wielder was keeping them at bay, while the ground was scorched to seal them away.

Heroes had gathered!

“You know the plan, right?” asked Ironman.

“It's all about taking over the towers and control the bots so we can take over the galaxy.”

“No, it's not! We are here to save the galaxy from the raccoons!” exclaimed Valkyrie.

“Have you lost touch with ...” Reality? Doctor Strange was about to ask, but then a sudden realization came to mind. They had been fighting alongside alternate versions of themselves from different universes. It was uncertain which reality came into question.

A heavy gaze turned inwards the group. Eyes widened, fists clenched and stares intensified.

“Justice will prevail,” growled Hulk.

“Hah, agreed. Whose justice though?” asked Deadpool.

“Fine, we each have a side to play on, so let's sort out things properly,” said the other Deadpool.

And there, in between, within the twilight of the colliding bubble universes, they were battling. Each one of them fighting to uphold their own morals. As the worlds were falling apart they were trying to prove whose justice is true justice. To themselves and to the others, to the silent witnesses who could no longer stay silent …