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You work in CG, where you wrote a bleeding-edge map generator for the next multi-player contest.
Your map generator takes 2 parameters: C the number of continents and T the total number of tiles to generate.
Generated tiles have polygonal shape and 2 tiles belong to the same continent if they share at least one vertex.

Your generator generates 2 files vertices.txt and edges.txt.
The first one contains coordinates of tile vertices sorted by their index, the second one describes edges between vertices.
You spent days to generate random maps and carefully saved the output files of the nicest ones for the contest... but you just accidentally erased all the vertices.txt files!

With the right values of C and T, you could easily re-generate the erased files because you always hard-code random seeds to 42, but you cannot remember these damn parameters and the contest is in 24h.
No choice, you will have to cancel the contest... unless you can write a program to recover the C and T parameters from the leftover edges.txt files.

Your task
Find the generator parameters C and T from the generated list of edges.

Here is a possible planar representation of the edges in the first test:

1 --- 4 -- 10 -- 5
| | \ /
| | \ /
2 --- 7 8
\ /
3 --- 6 \ /
\ / \ /
\ / 0

The edges form C=2 continents with 1 and 3 tiles for a total of T=4 tiles.
The output should be:
2 4
Line 1: one integer E the number of edges
Next E lines: two integers n1 and n2 representing an edge between vertex n1 and vertex n2
2 integers C and T for the number of continents and the total number of tiles
E, C, T < 1000
4 10
7 2
2 1
4 1
8 10
3 9
6 3
8 0
7 4
5 10
9 6
7 0
8 5
2 4

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