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You are given an Othello board and the colour and position of the next turn. You must answer if it’s legal or not.
Othello is a two-player game. Player #1 begins and plays black (B), and player #2 plays white (W).
B player can only put his token near a W token in order to make at least one BW+B "sandwich". A sandwich is defined as any number of tokens of one color consecutively in a line (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) which are surrounded on both sides by tokens of the opposite color. Once a sandwich is achieved, all the W tokens in this sandwich are turned into B. Repeat this as necessary for each valid sandwich in the eight directions (including diagonals).
Examples (the played token in lower-case):
* --bWWWBW yields ---bBBBBW.
* -WWWw--- is illegal if there is no sandwich elsewhere.
* WWWbBW-- is illegal too.
Each player must play if possible. If not, he passes his turn.
First 8 lines: 8 characters per line, each representing a row of the board. W is a white token, B is a black token, - is an empty cell.
Line 9: The colour of the token, followed by a space, and then the chess-like coordinates of the next move. For example, a1 is the top-left corner while a8 is the bottom-left corner.
If the move is legal, print the number of W tokens and of B tokens.
If the cell is already filled by a token, print NOPE.
If the token can’t make a sandwich, print NULL.
B c4
1 4

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