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Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.



Your goal is to find the minimum amount of steps from start to end in a maze with teleporters and jumps and return -1 if it's not possible to reach the end.

You will be given a maze with width x height cells
With symbols:
#: wall
_: empty cell
S: starting point
E: ending point
lowercase letter: teleporter entry
UPPERCASE letter: teleporter exit
<, >, ^, v: jump pod

How teleporters work: x -> X meaning when you step on the x you will be teleported to X. This does not mean when you walk over the X that you will be teleported to x.
How jump pods work: when you step on it, you jump 2 steps in the direction of the sign. You also jump over walls, but there won't be any out of bounds jump pods. Example: stepping on the > will make you jump 2 steps to the right, < to the left, ^ up, and v down. Letter v will not be used as a teleporter.

Allowed moves are Up, Down, Left and Right, no diagonal moves.
Line 1: width of the maze
Line 2: height of the maze
Next height lines: string describing a row in the maze
Single line containing the minimum amount of steps from start to end.
5 ≤ width ≤ 20
5 ≤ height ≤ 20

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE