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You are at the reception desk of a 4-floor hotel and a group of c customers arrive and ask for a room.

But what should have been a routine task becomes a nightmare when you realise they have very specific demands !

Your job is to assign a floor (from 0 to 3) for each of them while respecting their r rules.

There are 10 types of rules:

customer_name is at floor y
customer_name is NOT at floor y
There's nobody at floor y
There are exactly two customers at floor y
customer_name is alone at his/her floor
customer_name is with two other customers at his/her floor
customer_name is just above customer_name
customer_name is higher than customer_name
customer_name is at the same floor as customer_name
customer_name is NOT at the same floor as customer_name

There is a unique solution for each test.

This puzzle is inspired by the boardgame Gamme Logic - Hôtel
Line 1: An integer c for the number of customers.

Next c lines: A string customer_name

Next line: An integer r for the number of rules.

Next r lines: A string rule
c lines in input order A string with customer_name floor separated by a space
3 <= c <= 6
3 <= r <= 8
Jon Snow
Daenerys Targaryen
The Night King
The Night King is alone at his/her floor
There's nobody at floor 0
Jon Snow is just above Daenerys Targaryen
Jon Snow is at floor 2
Jon Snow 2
Daenerys Targaryen 1
The Night King 3

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