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What will I learn?


In this puzzle, you have to work on a complete pathfinding problem. You may need to learn about pruning to optimize your algorithm.


Guide the clones towards the exit of the maze. You have to find the shortest way out of the labyrinth, and you will have to create openings in the maze to create a path, meaning you will want to place these strategically to create the shortest path yourself.

Solve it

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE


Marvin is stuck inside the core of the Infinite Improbability Drive! Grab your towel and help him (or them) escape by blocking the right clones to allow others to reach the exit by going through the right Happy Vertical People Transporters.


The difficult puzzle is the second of the two exercises proposed for the challenge « Don't Panic ». Before you solve it, try out the first level, « Don't Panic - Episode 1 ».

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