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You've got to defuse a bomb by placing exactly 4 liters of water on a sensor. And you have to be quick!

The problem is, you only have a 5L jug and a 3L jug on hand!

See the video clip here:

You have an unlimited water source, and if needed you can also empty the water in the jugs to get rid of it.

How could 4 liters be measured?

One method:
- Start by filling the 5L bottle. This state could be represented as (0, 5).
- Next, pour from the 5L bottle into the 3L bottle until the 3L bottle is full, to get the state (3, 2).
- Empty the 3L bottle, changing the state to (0, 2).
- Pour the 2 liters of water from the 5L bottle into the 3L bottle, to get the state (2, 0).
- Fill the 5L bottle again; the state is now (2, 5).
- Pour from the 5L bottle into the 3L bottle until it is full, resulting in the state (3, 4).

6 moves were used.

You will need to solve this problem in the general case of N containers and find the length of the shortest sequence of moves.

You always start with all containers empty.

Possible moves:
- "Fill" a container to reach its capacity
- "Empty" water from a container to empty it completely
- "Pour" water from a container to another. No water is spilled with this move.
Line 1: The amount of water W to be measured (4 in the example)
Line 2: The number of containers N to be measured (2 in the example)
Following N lines: An integer representing the capacity of the containers (3 and 5 in the example)
Line 1: The minimal number of moves M needed to solve the problem (6 in the example)
0 < W < 100
1 < N < 5
Each container has a unique capacity Ci and:
0 < C0 < C1 ... < CN < 100

There is always a solution!

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