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Learning Opportunities

This puzzle can be solved using the following concepts. Practice using these concepts and improve your skills.



Your favourite code editor broke, it can't display what you're typing anymore!
Replace the part that handles the keyboard inputs and build the output yourself!

All typed_keys can be either a character, a keyboard arrow (left / right) represented by < and > or a backspace represented by the minus sign -
< moves the editor's cursor to the left
> moves the editor's cursor to the right
- removes one character on the left side of the cursor's position (backspace behaviour)
Keep in mind that a cursor has boundaries: from the left of the first character to the right of the last one

Example 1:
You typed an extra L in Helllo World and removed it with a backspace:
Input: Helll-o World
Output: Hello World

Example 2:
While typing too fast, you skipped the e. You pressed left arrow twice, typed e then went back to the right and typed the rest ("o World")
Input: Hll<<e>>o World
Output: Hello World

Good luck!
Line 1: typed_keys A string representing all the pressed keys (characters/arrows/backspaces)
Line 1: The text to display in the editor's window
1 ≤ length of typed_keys ≤ 80
echo "Hello World!";
echo "Hello World!";

A higher resolution is required to access the IDE