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When two famous people get together and form a romantic couple, the Tabloids love to write about them and their adventures, scandals, and relationship drama.

The reporters combine (smoosh) their two individual names together to create a Couple-Name -- just for fun and to make it easier to write about them. Examples:
πŸ’• Ben + Jennifer = Bennifer
πŸ’• Brad + Angelina = Brangelina
πŸ’• Heidi + Spencer = Speidi

Given the following rules, print out options for each couple.

The overall process is:
Smoosh a left-substring (or whole name) of one person together with a right-substring (or whole name) of the other person, in such a way that there is at least 1 overlapping-letter (aka shared letter, aka common letter).
➀ Comparisons aren't case-sensitive.
➀ No spelling changes other than β€œsub-stringing”
➀ Must contain at least one letter from each person, that isn't part of the overlapping-letter(s).
➀ Must not be shorter than the shortest individual-name.
➀ Cannot be the same as either of the individual names because that's just silly

Only Max Overlapping:
➀ Include only Couple-Names with the most overlapping-letters possible. For example, if there is a Couple-Name that has 2 overlapping-letters, don't show others that have less than 2 overlapping-letters.

➀ A Couple-Name has only the first letter capitalized, regardless of the capitalization in the individual names.
➀ Where there are multiple options, list them alphabetically on the same line separated by spaces.
➀ If no options, print NONE

Sorry I can't help more, but Keanu Reeves and I are headed out on some excellent "Lisanu" adventures, on a luxury yacht in Cannes.
Or maybe Eddie Mark Jacobson and I (β€œEddisa”) will have a Big Night Out on the Gold Coast.
Line 1: An integer n, denoting the number of couples
Line 2: n couples, in the format of name1 (which is always a single word) and name2 (which is always a single word) and then sometimes a last name or other extra information just as FYI, in case you need it for your Tabloid story.
(name1 and name2 -- which are ALWAYS the 1st word and 3rd word in the input string -- is all you use to make a Couple-Name)
n lines: Couple-Names for each couple: name1 plus name2 = alphabetized list of Couple-Names separated by spaces, or NONE
Names do not have anything other than letters.
Lois and Clark
Ben and Jennifer
Tarzan and Jane
Priscilla and Elvis
Simba and Nala
Mork and Mindy
Lois plus Clark = Clois
Ben plus Jennifer = Bennifer
Tarzan plus Jane = Tarzane
Priscilla plus Elvis = Elviscilla
Simba plus Nala = Simbala
Mork plus Mindy = NONE

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